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A step by step patent filing process in Istanbul

You must be thrilled on the whole aspect of getting to establish a patent. After all, a legal affirmation such as a patent is going to distinguish your work from the rest and is going to state your name of the construction. It will be your invention only. So why delay the offer any longer and get falsified in the process? Make the move! Take a leap and make your work definite. Complete the patent başvuru Istanbul process and have the legal bonding done right away. But do you know how does one file a patent? Sure you can go to a legal department and get the process done, but are you sure that you know the itineraries completely. Or beware you could get scammed!

Little tips about legal patents

Patents are legal processes that you need to secure your innovation with. This patent is going to grant you total accreditation for the innovation that you have established. Hence, this means that you are going to be protected as an inventor. The invention that you land through any field is going to carry your name and the trademark will be established. Thus, it is essential for every innovation to be following the legal process. It will give you full custody for future changes and alterations even.

Be it an article or a chemical process, even then you will be getting full validation and will be the owner of the item truly. No one will be able to use the same composition again in the future. Thus, you and the item that you have patented will be an individual idea.

Owners can finally protect their assets in this method of patent lodging or filing.

patent filing process in Istanbul

Patent filing steps

You are aware of the reasons why you need to protect your asset for being open for all to steal or fabricate the idea in the future. But, does that mean that you can just pop into the legal department or start claiming that the product’s or invention’s idea is completely reserved to you? No, absolutely not! There is a perfect sequence that you have to follow. There is step by step methods that you will too have to be accurate about. Only then can the patent be filed. In fact, to be certain, there are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind while fabricating the patent idea too!

  • The idea that you are going to use to create a product or any new invention has to be completely authentic. That means you have to be very accurate about the idea so that you do not have a forged idea.

This means that you have to be careful about the research. The patent research that you will have to, conduct needs to be first on the country that you are resident of i.e., Istanbul and then take it global.

  • Once this is cleared, you do not need to worry about the idea that you are trying to project. The next step is for you to hire a patent attorney who will be drafting the specification. You can find a good authentic patent attorney service through online. After all, every premium attorney will provide their services through their website.
  • Once the entire specification is done, you can expect the attorney to complete the petition process through governmental resources. All that is left for you to do is pay the government fees. The usual waiting limit is 12 months but it really does vary upon the invention type. If there is none, the filing will be approved by the government without any issue.

Here are the documents that you will be requiring to file for the patent:

  1. Inventorship declaration paper
  2. Authorization agent’s identity card
  3. Statement and the undertaking paperwork
  4. Proof of the application

If there are any other aspects then your patent başvuru Istanbul application officer will inform you correctly about the details. That will give you an allocation to make the necessary changes.

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