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Everything You Need to Know About Your Wedding Outfit

Once in your lifetime, a day will come where you will be the bride. You will remember all those childhood fantasies you have dreamt of. The giddy feeling in your stomach, the blush on your cheeks, the smile on your face, the nervousness, the hope that everything will be fine and many more feelings you will come across.

With all the preparations going on, the most difficult task for the bride and her bridesmaid is to find a stunning outfit. The minute details carved on the beautiful dress will make you look more attractive than ever.

The shoes, the jewels, the veil, the hairstyle, the makeup, the alluring dress, the bouquet, and the love will complete your wedding dress.

The selection of “the wedding dress” should be done by keeping in mind the theme, the bridegroom’s outfit, the location, the budget, the fabric etc. There are lots of designs available in the market which can become the dress of your dream. Wedding dresses like aquamarine wedding dress, ball gown styled or the A-line are always on the top for stealing the attention of brides.

The fabric is another important factor in choosing your amazing outfit. There are different fabrics which you can opt for like:

  • Mikado – A heavy weighted silky fabric suitable for weddings in the winter season giving your dress a luxurious look.
  • Georgette – A lovely light weighted fabric giving a dress a flowing look and is suitable for weddings in winter.
  • Lace – Another light weighted fabric is coming in different varieties like embroidered lace, gallon edge lace etc.
  • Organza – A beautiful thin sheer fabric made from silk which is very delicate in nature too.

Flaunting in the dress with your loved ones, make your day remarkable. The poses with the witnesses in their ecstatic wedding witness dress will be another lovely page in your wedding album.

The dresses you, your maid of honor and bridesmaid wear can make a theme. So goes with the groom and his best man.


  • If you are a nature fan, then why not prefer dresses with embroidery of beautiful flowers.

Ask your man, to go with the same color that of your flower for his tie or bow or a pocket square.

  • Something different, something colorful – For the hope of the brightest future, nurtures your wedding day with colors. You may not want your wedding dress to be full of colors, but what’s wrong in making one little part of your outfit colorful.
  • Be comfortable – Curvy or not curvy every girl is beautiful.  Whatever you choose to wear just be comfortable, be you. Don’t try to look curvy if you are not; don’t make your body suffer from tight dresses; don’t wear heels if you don’t like them. Whatever you wear, you will look beautiful. It is your day, so plan this day according to your desire.
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