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B612 an evolution in the photo editing apps

B612 an evolution in the photo editing apps

In today’s digital era, a person is not judged by his first personal encounter with someone but his first digital encounter with someone. Isn’t it? So, in such an era we are more than expected to be picture perfect in every aspect.

Achieving that picture perfect look isn’t very simple. One needs loads and loads of makeup along with extra care to maintain that makeup. If only a simpler option was available at ease!

Yes, there is an easier option. Which can be called B612 install.

What is B612?

B612 is an app used to click photos with existing filters. Clicking a picture with B612 you can achieve that suitable picture for all your social media platforms. Your picture-perfect glow is just a click away with B612.

How to open B612?

It is as simple as using a normal camera installed in smartphones. All that one needs is B612 install. Once installed this app asks for permission to use the phone’s camera and storage. Once this is done, the app is ready to use.

It will easily open when clicked on the icon available in the phone menu.

How to use B612?

B612 install is needed to use B612. It can be downloaded from the google play store. Its user interface is quite relatable to a normal camera on the phone.

Different filters are available at swipes. One can choose from all the available filters to find the one best suited for use.

b612 selfie from the heart

How to install B612?

Following is the step by step procedure for B612 install on your android phone.

Step 1). Open google play store.

Step 2). Search for B612 application in the search tab on the topmost part of the google play store screen.

Step 3). Click on the icon displaying B612 in the search results to download the app.

Step 4). Click on install option for B612 install on the android phone.

Step 5). Once installed an icon on B612 will be displayed on the home screen.

Step 6). Click on the icon to open the homepage for B612.

Step 7). The application will ask for permission to access the phone’s camera.

Step 8). Click on allow access.

Step 9). The application will now ask for permission to access the phone’s storage.

Step 10). Click on allow access.

A camera screen will be displayed on the phone. When swiped left on the screen, filters will be applied to the normal screen. The camera can be turned to the front and rare both.

Along with photos videos can also be recorded using B612.

Filters such as the boomerang, zoom, etc can be applied to the videos to make them more appealing to the eyes.

B612 is a simple and effective alternative to the normal phone camera which aids in clicking pictures which are ready for this digital era. Selfies achieve the next level of perfection when clicked with B612. B612 install is all that one needs to meet the needs of this digital world around us.

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