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Best places to get shakes in Chandigarh

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Chandigarh is one of the cities which offers amazing cuisines and street foods, and that’s why it is said to be the foodies’ paradise. This beautiful city has a big platter to offer, and here you can try out all types of exotic meals. However, the place is well known for its Tandoori Chicken but also has amazing eating spots for everybody. Along with a range of dishes, it serves the city also serves some of the best desserts and shakes.  We have listed some best places to enjoy shakes in Chandigarh or you can easily order these shakes online using Swiggy Coupons at discounted prices.

Best places to enjoy shakes

Chandigarh is truly a foodie’s paradise as the city has a range of things to offer in terms of food delights and best cuisine. Shakes are the best option for people who are feeling thirsty or in need have something delicious.  For people craving to try some of the best shakes in Chandigarh can help from the list below. We have listed some of the best places in Chandigarh where you can get delicious shakes:

  • Uncle Jack’s

Uncle Jack’s café in Chandigarh is one of the best places for twisted flavored shakes. The place serves milkshakes in bottles made of glass and is overfilled till the top and overloaded with calories. Their twisted flavors include Peanut Butter Banana Jelly, Caramel Oreo, Candy Floss, and the Chocolate Mud Pot. They also serve some classic shakes too like cold coffee, vanilla, Mango and Butterscotch shakes.

  • Milkshake & Co.

Milkshake & Co. is an outstanding shake outlet in Chandigarh that serves amazing shakes.  This excellent café serves shakes in fascinating style in unique glasses. It is actually a take way outlet where you will get shakes of different flavors in affordable rates.

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  • Keventers

Keventers is actually am iconic vintage dairy brand very popular for its tempting shakes in Chandigarh. It has many outlets some in Sector 8 and Elante Mall. The brand never goes wrong in their different types of blends as all are filled with amazing flavors. You should not miss Luscious Blueberry, classic Pineapple Shake, Mint Oreo Crumble Shake, and Chocolate Hazelnut Shake.

  • Superdonuts

SuperDonuts is another place in Chandigarh located in Sector 8, Sector 35 as well as in Mohali.  The best part is that this place has revolutionized the whole concept of shakes as it offers delicious freaky shakes as well as thick American shakes. The place is popular in Chandigarh owing to its quirky flavors as well as delicious toppings. You should try out some specialties there such as The Gladiator, Big Bang, and Freak Shakes like Billion Dollar Shake.

  • Nik Baker’s

Nik Baker’s is one of the premium café cum bakeries in Chandigarh well known for its creamy, sinful shakes all shakes are made with ice cream, milk as well as amazing and unique flavors. The name is among the famous places for amazing shakes in Chandigarh. You should try   Black Forest, Brownie Blast, and Fruit Shakes like Strawberry and Kiwi.

  • Brooklyn Central

This place in Chandigarh is inspired by New York café and serves American shakes. The place is popular for its creamy shakes prepared by world-class chocolates and other products. Try out a variety of Spiked Shakes with an addition of an element of alcohol in it.


  • OvenFresh

OvenFresh is one of the cute cafes in Sector 26 as well as in Sector 35 in Chandigarh and is a paradise for food enthusiasts. You should try out some rich shakes here such as chocolate, vanilla and Brownie shake especially.

  • Get Desserted

Get Desseted is also one of the best places in Chandigarh for shakes lovers. The place offers frozen desserts too prepared by flash freezing. It also offers best flavors shakes made on order with ice cream. Try out Bubblegum Shake, Swiss Chocolate; Red Velvet Shake, as well as Paan,  flavored shakes too.

  • Bajirao kitchen

The place is one of the amazing places that serve mind-blowing varieties of shakes. It is the many people’s favorite as they serve shakes specialties in tall glasses and tall straws. There are many must-try shakes here some of them includes Classic Oreo Cookie & Fudge Brownie Shake, Banoffee Pie Shake, the Snickers Bar Shake, and Nutella Pretzel Freak Shake.

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  • Mocha

Mocha in Chandigarh is an all-time favorite place for people who use to visit Elante Mall.  It offers amazing creamy shakes served in tall glasses with colored straws. Try out Banoffee Pie Shake, Nutella Pretzel Freak Shake, and Snickers Bar Shake. Also, you can order these delicious dishes at your doorstep using Zomato Offer Code.

If you are in Chandigarh and haven’t tried a glass of shake yet, then you are missing something. So, visit above listed places to take a sip of thick, creamy as well as best flavored shakes. Don’t think much and visit these places in Chandigarh for some yummy shakes.

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