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traffic signal lights manufactures in India | weigh in motion system
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Development of Traffic signal light and high speed weigh in motion system

Speed Weigh in Motion System

Traffic lights also play an important role in today world as it protects one’s life so it is said that we should always follow the traffic rules. Traffic light also is known by many names like stop light and traffic signal. The first traffic light was started in the mid of 1800s which was consisted of two lights a red an a green at that time a person was always available there for changing the lights and for caring that light would face the traffic and it is a very successful method, but it did not run for a very long time.

Then after some time, a traffic man died in the explosion of the traffic light and people start doubting on the invention and they stop using the traffic light. Then in the 20th century, the electronic traffic light came and then since the up gradation of traffic light begins, and this method of traffic light spread in the whole world now you will not find any place where these lights are not used.

There are many traffic signal lights manufactures in India which assured that all places should have proper functioning of light and while using these lights with safety. And the lights colors mean the same in the whole world such as red light means you have to stop, then yellow which means you should get ready and then green light means you can go now.

high speed weigh in motion system in Delhi

Now traffic lights have improved very much like now it also contains sound for the people who are blind. In such a way when there is red light beep sound go slow and when it is green light the sound of beep increases which indicates that now you can go.

 High Speed Weigh in Motion

For pre-selection system and for low-speed WIM station they generally use the High speed weigh in motion system (WIM), and for the high speed in motion system, they use the piezoelectric sensor. These sensors can be installed with ease according to the widths of lines on the highway with different lengths on the surface of the highway which have a coating of concrete and asphalt without any problem.

 This system consists of the loop detector, weight measurement sensor, and control unit which are located in the cabinet which is placed beside the road. In this control cabinet, electronic measurement equipment of high-speed WIM system also takes part.

It also consisted of the camera which enables the recording of the vehicle which is overloaded and has a measuring system which measures the height of the vehicle. There are high speed weigh in motion system in Delhi which easily install it and commissioned in a very short time. It gets integrated into the system, and this information can be transferred to the computer in the monitoring system and remote monitoring so that all operation can be achieved.

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