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Dishes from Kashmir that one should definitely try

The land of Kashmir is also famous for the rich culinary heritage it has. The food from Kashmir is all about the use of an array of ingredients like fennel powder, dry ginger, garam masala, and dry red chilies.

One can always order some specialized Kashmiri dishes from Bukhara Indian bistro and enjoy their flavors. Here are some major dishes that one must try.

Mutton Rogan Josh

This dish was introduced to Kashmir when Mughals came to India. It is a kind of lamb preparation which is famous for its taste and aroma. This one is filled with the goodness of browned onions, grounded spices, and plain yogurt. This one tastes best when it is served with roti or plain rice.

Yoghurt Lamb Curry

This dish is also known as Yakhni and it is absolutely mouthwatering. Here the lamb meat is cooked well in yogurt based gravy. The other major ingredients used to cook this dish are dry mint leaves, mawal flowers, onions, and cardamoms. One should ideally pair this dish with steamed rice.

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Kashmiri Muji Gaad

When it comes to this dish, it is a perfect combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients like radish and fish. In Kashmir, this dish is mainly cooked during the festival of ‘Gaada Baata’ and a lot of local spices and herbs are used in this.

Modur Pulav

It is a kind of sweetened rice preparation in Kashmir and this one is mainly cooked with milk, saffron, rice, ghee, sugar, and some dry fruits. One can always pair it up with a dish of spicy aloo dum and have a sumptuous dinner.


It is a dish made from minced meat balls and this one is mainly cooked in a very spicy red chili gravy. One can have this dish with a plate of jeera rice and those who love meat, this dish is a must try.

Lyodur Tuchman

In the land of plenty of non-vegetarian dishes, this vegetarian dish is something to die for. This dish is mainly prepared with cottage cheese and it is cooked well in turmeric based creamy gravy.


It is mainly pan shaped local bread and here the thick crust of the bread is made from whole wheat. This bread is mostly served with butter tea, made from salt and butter.

Bukhara Indian bistro


It is also popularly known as the dish for the kings. This Goshtaba is one of the traditional delicacies in Kashmir and it is mostly prepared with yogurt, minced mutton, and grounded spices. One mainly serves this dish in any royal occasion.

 Aab Gosht

This is said to be the most popular dish in mutton when it comes to Kashmiri cuisines. It can be cooked either in the Kashmiri method or in the Iranian method. Use of milk and grounded spices are very important while cooking this dish.

There are many Kashmiri restaurants where one can go and order these specialized dishes and enjoy the delicacies. Or else, they can order them at home.

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