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Indians love eating. With so much on the plate, hardly an authentic flavor is missed. Each state in India has its own staple mark which makes it difficult for other states to capture. A mere mention of these names brings a smile on your faces. We Indians love these foods, munch on them and complain about putting on weight.

A liking towards corn or oats is common as prescribed by diet experts for less consumption of calories. Even a Pakistani restaurant has dished out Indian items on their menu. Now let us explore some Indian foods that are not only tasty but have a health benefit attached.

In modern times individuals suffer from weight-related disorders. Even a diet chart prescribed by diet experts is difficult to follow. Just follow them for a week and get back to our traditional food. A staple Indian diet would not only provide taste but also help you to shed extra calories and possess enormous health benefits. Most items are incorporated from basic ingredients on consumption we would lose weight. The only difference is the preparation of the item in such a manner that it adds to our waistline. So let us explore some food items which reduce our waistline.

Dal or Pulses

Let us start off our discussion with pulses which are an important source of minerals along with vitamins in our diet. A vital source of amino acids they are rich in calcium and vitamin A. As part of your slimming regime you can consume moong dal. Pulses being a rich source of protein help you to cut down on fat and other health complications. Pulses when you cook it with less oil and more vegetables have immense benefits.

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It is a staple source of diet for an Indian household. Indians have a special liking for this grain the white one. Though the only drawback is white rice is rich in calories. For this reason, diet experts suggest brown rice rich in fiber content. But if you are not keen to have brown rice, do not have more than a bowl of white rice. You can supplement it with a couple of chapattis promising a lovely combination of fibers and carbohydrates.


A favorite among the veggies, both young and old have a liking towards this item. Being made from milk it is low on the calories front. Though the calorie content would depend upon the type of milk from which it is made. Most of the best Indian food near me restaurants have paneer in their menu list. Since it is difficult to figure out the calorie content of paneer, it is better if you can make it at home. Paneer is a vital source of calcium along with protein. A perfect combination of taste and health


A product from the milk basket is curd.  The curd is considered to be a vital weight loss product as it aids to the process of digestion by supplementing good bacteria. Instead of cream, you can use curd in certain dishes.

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