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Hospital Management System | Healthcare System
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How Hospital Management System Can Help to Run a Hospital Smoothly?

Hospital Management System

As technology advances, the ease of human life also increases. Since the sole benefit of technology is to benefit humans, today’s technology has its applications in almost all the fields. Technology has not helped the financial sector or the education sector, but it helps a country collectively in a bid to become more technologically advanced. The healthcare system has greatly benefited from technology. Not only has the human life expectancy increased, but new inventions are also made daily with the help of technology.

The healthcare system has huge applications of technology. A basic hospital management system is a very good example of technology meets healthcare. Such a system comprises of various parts, which helps the hospital run smoothly. This kind of system is mainly represented by a website and app. Using the website or app, patients can book their appointments online. This helps them save crucial time, as the software allows them to choose their own time from the slot.

The hospital management system website also displays the full list of hospital employees, including their basic information and emergency contact number. This is highly beneficial in emergency cases, where users are not able to establish contact with the doctor. However, if the hospital uses a Hospital management system, most of their problems are solved. The system also works similarly for hospital employees. Doctors working in the hospital can use the management system’s app to check their daily schedule. The app would show the doctor the timings that have been booked for patients. The doctors can also directly use the app to cancel certain appointments if they are busy with surgery. The management system app also keeps tracks of all the hospital employees, including not medical personnel.

Hospital Management System

Here are certain extra features of the management system

Patient History- Instead of carrying a file of the patient’s medical history, the system gives them a digital folder, where their entire test results, diseases, medicines are recorded. If a patient visits the hospital regularly, the system regularly updates their file. Doctors can also view the file directly from their device while examining the patient.

Inventory Management- The system also supports inventory management, so the hospital’s in charge knows what items are running low in the hospital’s inventory. The system can also notify the staff when a certain item is low in quantity. The software keeps track of all trivial items such as stationary, oxygen tanks and even medicines.

Automated Billing Software- Instead of conventional billings, the system generates the bill automatically. As a patient is charged at multiple places in a hospital, they are billed collectively by the software. Since the copy of the bill is generated online, the patient also receives a copy of the bill in their e-mail.

Occupancy of beds- The system keeps track of all the hospital beds. This allows the hospital’s officials to keep a track of how many patients they have, and how many more they can take. The software also keeps track of all surgical rooms of the hospital, so the doctors can check which operation theatre is vacant before scheduling a surgery.

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