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How do I choose the right sunscreen for men and SPF for me?

People are of the opinion that a 15 SPF is all that one requires to protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun. However, no one really had any idea that the more SPF could be a better option for the bright sunlight.

Well, now it is high time to shift away from the old concept based known something unspecific. Now, many companies have already manufactured sunscreen lotion, the SPF content of which go higher the 50. With the environment getting an increase in the composition of pollution and global warming, the UV rays have become more harmful than ever, which leads to going for an increased SPF product as well.

However, the higher amount of SPF composition does not mean that you should go and buy the same. The selection of sunscreen for men still depends on various factors.

Main factors

Environmental condition: For the extreme hot place where the sun keeps shining with all its brightness and heat, SPF 40 could be an ideal choice. For a slightly cool place, SPF 30 should be ideal. For the places where sunlight is rare, SPF below 30 can be considered.

Skin tone: For the very dark complexion, a minimum SPF would be enough and for the dark complexion, a little higher SPF, around 10 would be good. Thus the SPF depends on the complexion of the skin. A very fair complexion get the highest tan effects, hence the highest SPF should always be on the list. For the fair complexion, an equal SPF should be taken that revolves around 30-50+ and for the medium complexion, go for 15-30 SPF. The higher the SPF, the lower the chances of sin burning.

However, these points would help you decide the SPF according to your skin tone and climatic condition. In order to go for the best product, you will need to consider a number of points.

sunscreen for men

Things to consider for buying best sunscreen lotion

  1. SPF content: As discussed earlier, the importance of SPF should never be underestimated. In fact, it is the actual shield that protects the skin from the sun rays.
  2. Type of skin: The type of your skin is one of the very important factors. If you have sensitive skin, think twice before buying a product. Any chemical reaction and you are done with the lotion. But don’t blame the product if caused any harm because it’s you who should be knowing what your skin requires. Moreover, sunscreen lotion is available for all skin types, so go for the perfect one.
  3. Waterproof lotion: If you sweat a lot, then a waterproof sunscreen lotion is the best option for you. It will protect the cream from washing away with the sweat. Moreover, waterproof sunblock is suitable for rainy days too. So wear one and don’t worry if it’s drizzling.
  4. Harsh chemical: You should always check the ingredients before buying a product. It is better not to take risk of health or skin. Lotion should be paraben free and sulfate free so that it does not cause any skin irritation. Also, you should go for the natural ingredient like the sunscreen lotion from The Man Company.

With these points, you can now buy a sunscreen lotion for your own, without any other guide. However, you may require to know how the sunscreen lotion should be used. Always make sure that you apply the lotion on the clean skin, cover all the exposed parts of the body and wait for at least 15 minutes before stepping out.

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