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How to see someone’s private message on Facebook
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How to see someone’s private message on Facebook

How to see a private message on Facebook: Facebook is a huge social community where people share, like and comments all the time. But do you ever wanted to see someone’s private message on Facebook? If you are saying yes then this articles is totally for you.

There are many various applications or software are out there to provide you the superpower to seeking into someone’s private kinds of stuff on Facebook and how to make photos private on Facebook.  There are many apps but I am going to talk about only one in full step by step details.

The software from which we are going to seek into someone’s life is Netspy. It’s a monitoring app which you can use to spy on your partner, kids activities etc.

So follow these steps to start the fun and feeling like a hacker.

Step1: To start the process you will just have to visit the NetSpy official website and click on the download button.

Step2: Then it will be redirected to the download page where you will need to fill your details and have to choose one subscription.  There are many plans from which you can choose which fits you the best.

Step3: After filling out the details and taking subscription of Netspy you will have to make payment of the same.

Step4: After doing the payment. The Netspy app will be downloaded on your phone which will be of .apk file. Install it and then login with the account details and password to activate and start seeing someone’s private message on facebook.

Step5: Now you will need to install the .apk file on the target’s phone. Do this carefully without being suspicious and caught otherwise you will be in trouble. (don’t worry about the app on the target phone because it will be hidden from the app drawer after doing some settings on the app.

Step6: After installation of the .apk file, then start do setting on the target’s app which will be instructed as same as on the Netspy during the installation process. ( follow the guide very carefully otherwise you will not get the desired output. Delete the .apk file if present for no clues to be left)

Step7: After doing all the settings.  There will the button to hide the app icon from app drawer to not let the target know. The app will be hidden and can’t be able to detect easily.

Now login into the netspy app which you had installed on your phone or you can even login on the website.

Step8: After successful logging into the app or website.  just click on the “start monitoring button” to start seeing someone’s private message on Facebook and other platforms. A dashboard will be open where all the features will be listed and then you can click on what you want to see from the target’s phone.

Step9: You will be required to give certain access to do the monitoring process like give access to a microphone, file manager, location etc whichever required. It has to be done the same on the target’s phone to see the location, read SMS, call logs etc during the time of installation of the app in the target’s phone.

Step10: On the dashboard, you will see some features like location, SMS, call logs, social media. Now go to the social media segment and then click on the message option then you will be able to see all the messages of the targeted facebook account. You can also view all the activities of target whenever you want to. ( do it very carefully as doing certain changes on the target phone or while monitoring doesn’t do anything like replying the message. It will expose you.)

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There are many other features in the Netspy app like you will be able to see the location, SMS, WhatsApp message, facebook message and status, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. You can even listen to the call of the targeted person. But for this all features you will have to purchase the premium subscription which will be a little expensive. In the basic plan, you will lack some of the awesome features.

This tutorial is only for educational purpose. Peeking into someone’s private life is totally illegal. Do not use this method to do illegal things.

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