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Keeping our Home Clean and Taking Care of Sliding Doors

Frameless Commercial Glass Door

Keeping our home clean is an important thing. While cleaning, plenty of other tasks come up that we might not want to do. But routine maintenance is very important otherwise without maintenance you might end up paying for the repairing or replacement of a particular thing. One of them is the maintenance of sliding doors. Taking care of sliding doors will save your expenses as well. Only a few components are present in a sliding glass door and these are the frame that holds it, the glass in the center of the panel, a lock with a handle, weather stripping, track and also the rollers.

Cleaning the Track

When you are cleaning your Frameless Commercial Glass Door or the frames and tracks of a sliding door, then make sure to clean the rollers too. You can clean them using a wire brush and then wipe it down which removes the debris or dust stuck on the tracks and the rollers. You might have to replace them more often if the wear and tear are more.

Fixing the Track and Locks

Using an aerosol-based wax spray or WD-40 or perhaps if you use a non-stick silicone based lube then it won’t let it freeze during the winter or let it get a warp in the summer. In case you don’t use them it could cause rusting, bent and broken tracks. In the presence of salty air, the rollers would require more replacement. So, proper maintenance would mean that you will save a lot.

Another problem is with the lock system. Since it is a sliding door you can have trouble in latching it properly. After many years of use there comes a possibility of bending and damage. You should do a deep cleaning or lubricate the locks just like you would do with the rollers and tracks. If the lock gets rusted then use dish soap along with baking soda mixture and start scrubbing it with a brush. Leave it for a few minutes until it hardens. Pour vinegar and again scrub it to get it cleaned.

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Repairing Broken Glass

If you buy residential glass doors online then some of the most common problems you will go through is the glass getting cracked or broken. So then you have to replace it more often. Many glass door repairing companies repair the cracks or chips in the windows without replacing it completely. If the crack is more or it has broken a lot then you may change the whole door and get a new one. Therefore, Maintenance of the sliding glass doors apart from the tracks and rollers will save your bucks too.


Weather stripping is quite smaller maintenance which can also cost you a lot in the days to come. Not having a good weather stripping or a sealant which mostly depends on the usual weather condition of the place you live in, you might have to pay double like for heating or cooling and in that way your sliding door will fail to act like an actual door.

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