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Make your CCTV system to work better with facial recognition features

Facial Recognition Features

Does your CCTV work just as the video camera to capture the activities? If so, why can’t you make it work smart and better by recognizing the faces that enter your business premises? Yes, now camera systems are provided with face recognition system to take the accuracy of monitoring purposes to the next level. These systems are used right from the small retail store to that of border control deployments. A smart camera system with face recognition solution assure you the following benefits.

Easy verification of an individual’s identity

In simple words, the face recognition camera system can be said as a part of biometric software that mathematically reads the facial features of individuals and stores the date as a faceprint. This data is used by the deep learning algorithms of the system to compare the digital image of live capture to verify the identity. This makes it the best solution to use in the simple process of attendance taking to the complex task of identifying international criminals.

Best for attendance system

Do you still use the same punching machines or register for taking attendance? Are you sure that everyone making the fingerprint or the signature make the presence in the intended section throughout the working time? If not, you have to think about a better attendance system using biometric attendance system. This makes the attendance system accurate and keeps eyes on the physical presence of employees at business premises.

Limit the entry of unauthorized persons

You never like any of the staffs and customers to make entries to the restricted sections. Facial recognition system integrated with the CCTV system monitors the movement of the people check for the presence of unauthorized and unwanted persons in the concerned business premises. Warnings are instantly generated and are sent to the concerned department and person to take immediate and necessary actions on the same.

face recognition camera system

Better monitoring of unusual movements

Present biometric monitoring and security systems come with the benefits of AI and machine learnings. The system works just like human eyes and mind and detects any of the movements or activities that are against SOPs. You can customize the CCTV system in accordance with the requirement of your business premises to make it work in the way you need it. This helps you monitor the activities of the staffs, customers, and everyone who enters the business premises. Instant warnings and reports are generated on unusual movements in business premises to help the management to take the right actions and at the right time to keep the smooth workflow.

Reduce criminal activities

The best face recognition system helps you reduce the occurrence of criminal activities in and near the business premises. You can add the photos of criminals or any of the suspected persons with the CCTV system. The best face recognition CCTV systems easily identify and alerts the presence of these suspicious people in and around the business premises to take necessary actions.

Make your CCTV go smart and intelligent with a face recognition system.

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