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What are the rituals that occur in a Christian wedding?

The Christian wedding ceremony is the shortest wedding ceremony. In Christian wedding; there is the limited number of rituals.

Some of the pre-wedding rituals that; are done in a Christian wedding ceremony are mentioned below:

  • Matchmaking: Matchmaking is the most common ritual in the Christian wedding. Once a perfect match is settled then both the families meet each other and fix the wedding ceremony. After matchmaking both the families gift bride and groom so many things such as money, gifts etc. After, this, engagement date and wedding dates are fixed by the families. This ritual is followed by the engagement ceremony. There are so many elite matchmaking consultants that will help you out in having the best bride and groom.

  • Engagement: This is also the most important ceremony that is done in a Christian wedding. This is a pre-wedding ritual which is held before the wedding ceremony. In this ritual, both the bride and groom exchange their rings and announce their relatives and friends that they are going to tie in a relation of marriage. After, these ceremony parties are held by friends and relatives of both bride and groom.
  • Bridal Shower: Bridal shower is a type of party that the friends and relatives of bride arrange at the bride’s house and enjoy a lot by dancing and singing. This ritual is known as a bridal shower because in this ritual the girl is given dresses, money, jewelry, and other necessary items. On the other side, a party is also done for the groom by his friends and relatives.
  • Bachelor’s party: This is a party that is organized by the friends and relatives of the groom. In this party only the boys enjoy. This party is celebrated by the groom to enjoy the last day before the wedding. This is a party that; is usually held in clubs or party halls. All the boys sing and dance a lot.

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  • Rose ceremony: This is a ceremony that is held just one day before the wedding. This ritual is similar to haldi ritual in Hindu and Sikh wedding. In rose ceremony, oil is applied to the bodies of bride and groom which is followed by coconut oil and rose. This is a ritual which is held at some places such as Konkan, Kerala etc. These are the five different types of pre-wedding rituals that; are held just before the wedding ceremony.


Some of the post-wedding rituals at a Christian wedding are as follows:

  • Welcoming the bride: After the wedding is done, the bride is sent to the groom’s house and she is welcomed by her in-laws in the house.

  • Vows and blessings from relatives: After the bride is welcomed to the groom’s house. Both the bride and groom are given blessings for their future. After all, the rituals are done; an after wedding party is given to the bride and groom. If anyone is searching for grooms they can search elite matrimony grooms on elite matrimony site.


These above-mentioned are the different types of rituals of a Christian wedding.

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