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When is the right time to change your water purification system?

water purification system

In case if you are using a RO water purification system you need to be aware on when to change the system. Most people are confused on when to go for it, so let us understand about it in more depth as you need to be aware on when to change the water purification system.

The water purifier is a major weapon that goes on to eradicate all impurities or contaminants that are present in water. Drinking healthy and pure water is important so you need to opt for water purification plant for your home.

What are the reasons for changing your water purification system?

A water purification system eradicates all contaminants present because of which a RO water purifier along with membranes become fouled because of some impurities that has an impact on water quality. In a water purifier the filter appears to be the most important component as it eradicates all harmful impurities along with microorganisms present in water. For this reason you need to change your RO water systems at frequent intervals.

With water purification system there is 3 to 12 purification and so you may have to reschedule your water purification change. A general rule is that you can change your water purification system after 3000 gallons of water or after an interval of 6 months. In a water filter the following components are generally found

  • Sediment filter-it is a vital filters that goes on to remove sediments present in water. Not only it removes the sediments but protects the RO membrane. For this reason it is suggested that you change the sediment filter once in a year.
  • Carbon filter- this goes on to remove carbon along with other contaminants. Any smell that is present in the drinking water is removed by this type of filter. To ensure optimal performance of a carbon filter you might have to change the carbon filter once in a year.
  • RO membrane- in case of a RO membrane it is a semi membrane where the impurities are removed according to the size of the contaminants. The moment a water filter goes on to purify around 6000 litres of water you would need to change the RO membrane

Other factors that influence the changing of a filter of RO water purifier

A host of factors come into equation on changing your water filter system

Water quality

The water quality of a particular area determines the change of a water filter system. More the number of impurities that are present in water, Lower appear to be the screen timing of changing.

Numerous brands of water filters are present in the market, and most of them model themselves on the various types of water purification technology. For the change of a RO water filter system would be completely different from a UV along with a UF filter. The changing schedule of the screen would depend upon the type of water filter that is installed at your premises.

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