10 best reasons to study English Literature

It is a known fact that language is the means of communication but every language that has a rich culture and a history to tell has literature as well. This means that every existing language has literature because each culture has something to tell. Even though; science and literature are two poles apart still, literature is as prevalent in today’s world of science as ever before. Literature has gained an increasingly important place in language learning. Particularly in the EFL (English as a foreign language) context, it has been regarded as beneficial for the improvement of English skills (Novianti, 2016). Northrop Frye said about literature;

“Literature speaks the language of the imagination, and the study of the literature is supposed to train and improve the imagination.”

Similarly; the English language has its counterpart in the form of English literature. English literature is a complex discipline but once you get familiar with it then you begin to enjoy the process. The only load that English literature students face is the completion of their extensive writing projects.  This is why they often take English literature essay help to get assistance with such literature projects to ease their academic load. This post highlights the reasons and importance of choosing the major of English Literature.

English Literature:

Literature is the word derived from the Latin term “Literatura”, which means “writing formed with the letter”. The expression of feelings presented in the forms of English written words is defined as English Literature. The history of English Literature dates back to the 7th century and since then each period is divided according to the popular genre of that time including renaissance, classic, Anglo-oriental, and so on. Some of the common literary forms of English Literature are as follows;

  • Epic.
  • Drama.
  • Prose.
  • Poem.
  • World literature.
  • The craft of writing, etc.

All these and other such forms of literature have so much to teach the students but one thing that students get most intimidated by is the length of the written projects. Today’s students have ease in this respect as they can take assistance in the form of English literature dissertation topics, assignment help, essay writing, and so on. 

Reasons to study English Literature:

If you are in dilemma and can’t make a choice whether you should opt for this discipline or not then this post will clarify your thoughts. The following are the best reasons that tell why one should study English literature;

  • It develops critical thinking ability:

The English literature books take the students with them through different scenarios. These scenarios make the student feel the emotions and consider; what if they were in that situation, what they would have done? All this develops critical thinking ability in students and prepares them for real-life events. 

  • It broadens knowledge:

If on one hand literature has Shakespeare’s plays then on another hand it also tells about slavery, protest literature, and other important events that are happening or has happened across the world. Even if they are not facts still they shed light on the events and broadens the knowledge about different aspects like masculinity, adolescence, capitalism, and so on. 

  • It boosts imagination and keeps the brain active:

Literary forms like prose, poetry, and epic boost the imagination of an individual and promote the creative thinking ability in him. It also improves the concentration of the mind which keeps the mind active. These reading exercises keep the mind active. 

  • It enhances vocabulary:

English literature affiliates students with terms that they have never heard before. These words seem to be difficult in the beginning but eventually, they get stored in the memory of students. This improves their vocabulary. 

  • It enhances awareness about history:

Many literature forms represent history varying form heir dressing styles to their living standards. Everything has reached the present generations through literature. So; studying English literature will give the awareness of the history and historical events to students.

  • It improves reading and writing skills:

English Literature students have to read different books of modern as well as ancient literary forms. This improves their reading capabilities as well as writing skills. It is because both reading and writing are interlinked.   Besides; writers achieve impactful writing if the appropriate language is used (Carvin, 2022)and this language is learned through reading. 

  • It improves communication skills:

The more you learn to read and write, the more your communication skills are improved. When students will have a grip on different literary forms then they will obviously feel more confident to speak and communicate.  

  • It relieves stress:

The world of literature also helps in relieving stress. It takes you to the world of imagination and creativity. This helps in distressing your real-life problems. 

  • It acknowledges you about humanity:

Different forms of literature teach students different lessons, especially about empathy and humanity.  When the reader puts himself in the shoes of the complex characters, he feels him and feels empathetic towards people.

  • It has extensive job opportunities to offer:

The students with a degree in English Literature get amazing job opportunities from different departments. Some of the common career opportunities that the students of English literature can have are as follows;

  • They can become writers and editors.
  • They can become a professor/instructor.
  • They can work in the human resources department.
  • They can do retail management.
  • They can join the sector of media and journalism.
  • They can be in the advertising and public relations sector.
  • They can find their direction in civil services as well.


English literature is an extensive subject that covers different aspects of life. Students from across the world choose this subject as their major because of multiple reasons. USA, UK, and Germany have some of the best universities that offer the best English Literature coursework studies. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the readers in understanding the importance of this subject. 


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