5 Tips For Finding the Best House Removal Company in London

Best House Removal Company

5 Tips For Finding the Best House Removal Company in London

When moving house, office or furniture to London, the right removal company makes all the difference. Take your time when selecting one and ensure all of your belongings arrive safely at their new destination.

Finding a trustworthy House removal company can seem like an impossible task, but don’t fret! WhatRemovals will connect you with reliable and dependable removal companies in your area.

1. Look for a Reputable Company

When moving within London or outside, finding the ideal house removal company can make all the difference in your experience. Spending time searching for a reliable firm to trust with your belongings will guarantee everything is moved safely and carefully.

When searching for a company to hire, it’s important to search one that has earned its reputation and years of experience in the industry. Check their references and see if they belong to any trade associations.

If you’re searching for the ideal London removals company to handle your next move, take the time to compare companies and read online reviews. Doing so will enable you to identify which service best meets both your requirements and budget.

2. Do Your Research

When making a move, no matter where you’re going from, there are many things to take into account. One of the most essential is selecting an experienced house removal company. Not only will having your belongings moved professionally save time and stress, but they’ll also guarantee they arrive safely and on time.

One of the best ways to locate quality house movers is through research. This includes checking their reputation and reading reviews. It’s also wise to search for the best deal possible by getting multiple quotes from different companies. Make sure the quote meets both your needs and budget, then settle on one that best suits both.

3. Ask for a Quote

It’s wise to request quotes from several companies in order to compare costs and ensure you’re getting a great value for your money service.

Always request a quote that is in writing and includes all pertinent information, such as insurance coverage. It should also be broken down into hourly rates, packing costs and any extra charges such as storage.

Before receiving a quote from an estate clearance company, it’s wise to have them survey your property first. This way, they can accurately determine what needs doing and which items will be difficult to move. They can then customize their services accordingly and guarantee all pertinent details are included in your quote.

4. Get a Quote from Several Companies

When looking for a London removals service, it is wise to get quotes from several different firms. This way you can get an accurate idea of their rates and what it costs to hire their services.

When comparing quotes, make sure you factor in extra costs such as house removals insurance. These will usually be calculated as either a percentage of the overall move cost or the value of your goods.

It is wise to verify that the companies you are comparing are members of movers’ associations. Doing so gives you peace of mind that your choice is reliable and will provide top-notch service. Plus, these associations often provide free consultations, no hidden fees, and insurance – all great reasons to compare them!

5. Ask for References

One of the best ways to locate a trustworthy house removal company is by asking friends and family for recommendations. You can also search online for an established firm in your area and read reviews left by previous customers.

Before signing a contract with any removals company, ask them to visit your home first and assess your property. This way, they can give you an accurate quote based on what needs to be moved and any special items that could require extra effort. It’s also essential to inquire about their insurance – what’s covered and not. Ultimately, hiring professional removalists in London can save time and money since they possess both experience and the necessary equipment for safe transport of your possessions.

Why Chose MovingVan UK?

At MovingVan UK , we have an experienced team of removals experts that will be able to help you with all of your needs.

As a result, you will be able to move into your new property without much hassle. This can be very helpful especially if you are moving into a new building that is not yet completely furnished.


We also have a team of professional handymen that are ready to do some heavy work such as taking apart desks and tables and reassembling them at your new place of employment. These office teams are well trained and have all the necessary tools to do their job effectively.

Home 2 Home

One of the best ways to bypass London’s congestion is by hiring professional movers and packers. However, finding top-rated and trustworthy removal companies can be a daunting task. To make an informed decision, consumers should sift through online reviews, ratings and yelps in order to create a shortlist of trusted removalists to handle their house moving needs. But how do you know which ones to trust with your most valuable items? That’s where this guide comes in; with the help of our vetted partners you’ll have a stress free move in no time!

Mark Godman Removals

After having an unpleasant experience moving flats in London, Mark Godman decided to launch his own removal company. Nowadays, Gentleman & A Van boasts 16 vans and 2 lorries which cover all areas of South London.

They offer storage if required and are members of the British Association of Removers (BAR), guaranteeing your belongings will be transported with great care and professionalism. The BAR is a quality assurance scheme that requires all UK removal companies to meet certain standards.


These London-based removal companies provide exceptional service and are renowned for their high quality workmanship. Their mission is to make your move stress-free; they offer assistance with packing, unpacking and transporting all valuables. Their prices are competitively priced with free quotes available upon request. With years of experience under their belt, these reliable professionals can handle any kind of removal including office or residential moves as well as long and short term contracts.

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