6 Different Ways To Check Your Bike Insurance Expiry

Bike Insurance

Nowadays, renewing your bike insurance or checking its expiry has become very comfortable as you can access all the information from your smartphone. You should timely conduct a bike insurance check to keep yourself insured and avoid hassles with the traffic police.

Reasons why you should renew your bike insurance

Like every good thing comes to an end, so is your two-wheeler insurance. It should be renew before expiry, so comprehending the expiry date becomes crucial.

  • If the bike insurance is not renewed before expiry, you will lose some benefits deliver by the insurance provider. For illustration, in the No Claim Bonus, your discount on a renewal  if it is not renew on time. 
  • If you are not carrying your insurance policy while on the road or it has expire, you are liable to pay a penalty of up to Rs 1000, a three-month jail term, or both.

How to check your bike insurance expiry?

In digital times checking the expiry of your two-wheeler has become effortless. There are six ways to check the status of your two-wheeler.

  1. Insurance policy document

You can discover the expiry of your two-wheeler in the policy document provided by the insurance company. Once the insurance is purchased, the hard copy is sent to your doorstep. 

But for some reason, if you cannot track it down, there are many online methods to check the expiry of your two-wheeler.

  • Insurance provider

It is one of the uncomplicated ways to check information about your insurance policy.

  • Visit your insurance provider’s website. 
  • Click on Renew Policy. 
  • You will be prompted and question about three things; you only require to fill in one of the three things mentioned below. 
  • Your mobile number and your policy registration number.
  • If you opt to fill in your Mobile number, an OTP will be sent to the same number to verify the account.
  • As soon as the account is verified, your bike insurance policy’s start and end date will be revealed.
  • Vahan portal 

Before searching for vehicle information, one needs to create an account on the vahan portal. 

  • Open vahan.parivahan.gov.in 
  • Click on Create Account. 
  • Enter your mobile number and email id and get OTP.
  • Write down mobile OTP and email OTP and verify.
  • Enter your name, password and save it.
  • Your account has been create. 
  • Now go to a vehicle search. Pen down your mobile number and press Next.
  • Add the set password and click Continue. 
  • Enter your vehicle number and captcha code.
  • Now click on Vahan Search.
  • You will fetch your RC status. 
  • All the information will appear. 

            Owners name, 

            Registration date, 

            Your Insurance Expiry date. 

  • Insurance Information Bureau of India (IIB)
  • Explore Insurance Information Bureau on your browser.
  • Visit iib.gov.in 
  • Scroll down, and you will notice Quick links.
  • Under Quick links, there is an alternative name V Seva.
  • After clicking V Seva, a page will be exhibit where you need to fill in the essential information. 
  • Such as Name, Email id, Mobile number, Address, Registration number, and Accident date, if there were any. 
  • Enter the captcha code and click on Submit.
  • Email

When the insurance is purchased online, a hard copy of the insurance policy document is dispatch to you at your doorstep by the insurance provider. 

The insurance company also sends a soft copy to the insured in their inbox through email.

How to search for the policy document in your mail?

For example, if you have bought the insurance from ACKO, you will type ACKO bike insurance, and you will uncover all your policy details, including the expiry date, in your document via Email. 

All the information regarding your two-wheeler insurance policy incorporating the Expiry date will be portray.

Facts to remember while you are loading in the vital data on the Insurance Information Bureau page. 

  1. It has all the vehicle data deliver by the insurance provider from 1 April 2010.
  2. If your vehicle details are unavailable on IIB, one can approach RTA for all the information. 
  3. Another reason your data is not appearing in the database is that there is a 2-month time lag between delivering the data by the insurance provider to IIB. 
  4. If your vehicle is new, the insurance company provides only Chassis and Engine numbers. 
  5. Registration number has to be document without any special characters. 
  6. At once, you will be allow to search only up to 3 times with the same mobile number or Email Id. 
  • RTO vehicle information app
  • Install the RTO app from the play store. 
  • Once install, it will request you to log in, which can be skip.
  • The next step is to write down your vehicle information. 
  • There are two alternatives, but only one demands to be fill.
  • Either enter your vehicle number or your license number. 
  • Let’s say you prefer to pen down your vehicle number, it will request you to grant some permissions. 
  • As soon as you click the ‘Search vehicle’, your vehicle information will be exhibit, comprising your two-wheeler insurance policy validity date.

Now we know how to check the expiry of a two-wheeler insurance policy and the importance of checking the expiry beforehand. You must always renew your bike insurance policy before it expires. 


By Travis Mann

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