6 Most Important Factors to Consider When Buying HP Laptops on EMI

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The most promising advantage of purchasing the best HP laptop on EMIs is that you won’t have to compromise with the hardware configuration and features, as you are not obligated to shell out the entire money at once. This best HP laptop buying will not just save you time and effort but will empower you to make a well-informed choice while shopping for a new laptop suitable for your needs. Here are the six essential factors that can help you to purchase the perfect HP laptop to enjoy the ultimate experience:

Best HP Laptop Buying Guide: Size and Form-factor

Depending on the nature of work you intend to perform on your next computer, you can decide the size to find the right fit for you. Size isn’t like a device’s internal storage or RAM, as you can’t upgrade it later. If you live on the go or need a compact, thinner or lightweight device that you can carry around to your college or workplace, then opt for a model with a screen size of 11.6 to 13-inches.

Suppose portability is not your priority, and you wish to enjoy the modern hardware demanding games at high settings. In that case, you can consider the best gaming laptop line of products that offers a big screen (up to 17-inches), large chassis and top-of-the-line specifications with the incredible display quality.

Best HP Laptop Buying Guide: Display quality

As you might end up staring at your best HP laptop display for hours at a time, you’ll probably want to make sure it doesn’t put too much pressure on your eyes. For this, you’ll need a comfortable display screen to look at so that it feels natural to use. It would help if you also considered whether you want your next best HP laptop to have a touchscreen. If you’re more of a person to whom typing comes natural, you might want to stick to a device that doesn’t have a touchscreen.

According to your budget, you can opt for an HD or Full HD (1920×1080) or 4K screen to enjoy an immersive viewing experience. The main things that you need to look for here are a wider colour gamut and good colour accuracy, which you can easily do by checking if they have 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 colour gamut and Delta E < 1 colour accuracy. A faster refresh rate and less response time (ms) are also considered if you are looking for the best gaming laptops.

Best HP Laptop Buying Guide: Keyboard Quality

If your task involves a lot of typing work, then check the best HP laptops that have comfortable keyboards and offer good tactile feedback, and keys have proper spacing between them so that you can press the individual keys without running into the nearby ones. Snappy responsiveness and adequate travel on the downstroke are the main factors you need to look for in your best HP laptop. For the best gaming laptop, consider the backlit keyboards, as it is much easier to notice what you’re typing in dimly lit environments. 

Best HP Laptop Buying Guide: Processor (CPUs)

Even if you’re not very great in the technical details, there’s a strong possibility that you’ve seen the stickers plastered on all new HP laptops, which say Core i3, Core i5, or Core i7 processors. Core i3-based devices are normally found in entry-level segments, while Core i5 and Core i7 make up the bulk of mainstream laptops.

Performance-oriented models and the best gaming laptops will mostly feature Core i5 or Core i7 CPUs. If your budget permits, do not settle for anything below that so you can also future-safe your purchase.

Best HP Laptop Buying Guide: RAM (Random Access Memory)

Gone are the days when 4GB of RAM used to be more than enough for your system. For regular or casual users, consider 8GB as a minimum that will easily handle your multitasking, streaming media content and casual gaming needs (not hardware demanding). For power users and gamers, 16GB is the way to go.

The latest generation of RAM hardware is DDR5. As a thumb rule, higher numbers are more suitable than lower numbers here, and most motherboards support specific generations of RAM.

Best HP Laptop Buying Guide: Internal Storage

Hard drives (HDD) used to be all the craze, but these days they’re mostly out of favour as they can be somewhat bulky, slow and produce noticeable noise and heat. On the other hand, a solid-state drive (SSD) offers a much superior speed and runs silently. As a result of these clear benefits, the best HP laptops have adopted SSD storage as the new standard.

If your budget permits, check the premium-grade HP laptops or best gaming laptops that feature NVMe solid-state drives, as they are much faster than traditional SSDs. 

The conventional way of purchasing the laptop forces you to make some compromises to find a balance between your budget and the features you need in your new device. The chances are very low that a new computer will check all the right boxes and come at an affordable price. But with the No Cost EMIs option, you can pick the perfect combination of hardware configuration and features without paying the whole product price at once.

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