AI for enterprise – myths you should not fall for

AI for enterprise

Artificial intelligence has already penetrated deep into several businesses. There are shopfloors with intelligent robotic process automation and human-sounding chatbots. There are marketing tools that do all the background work so businesses can pay attention to the details in marketing tracking. Virtual assistants help shoppers enjoy pain-free shopping and billing. There is so much happening in the world of AI. But when it comes to adoptions of AI for enterprise applications there are some myths. These are the misconceptions that keep several small and medium-sized businesses away from this transformational technology.

Myths about using AI for businesses

  • You might not need AI if automation is not your thing

The moment businesses think of AI they think about robots and automation in some form. Automation is not just for manufacturing setups where there are redundant physical tasks. Even simple daily tasks like tracking market insights for a better marketing approach can be automated. AI definitely helps your business achieve automation at various levels but there is more. The one thing that distinguishes an AI solution from an automation algorithm is the intelligence decision-making ability AI models have.

  • Specific datasets will be enough to run the system

There might be clearly laid objectives while implementing an AI solution for the enterprise. But the truth is that the better your training datasets, the better will the efficiency of your system be. Even if you choose only a simple AI enterprise solution at the moment, you should be open to scaling and expanding the scope. Otherwise, you will be missing out on the real potential of this technology. Work on the information governance strategies and have clear short and long-term goals for AI implementation and scaling in order to make the most of this tech.

  • AI is a luxury only large businesses can afford

There was a time when the technology was still in its nascent stages and most AI solutions were expensive. But the core value of AI is to bring cost-effective solutions by cutting the recurring costs. Keeping up with its core strength, the technology itself is not very expensive now. There are many reliable AI development companies that can help you come up with a pricing strategy to take the big step. You will be able to slowly start with simple AI solutions. This solution then helps your business save some expenses in the long run. With the budget saved, you can conveniently scale the reach of this technology in your business’ infrastructure.

  • AI replaces human efforts

This will always be the strongest myth that most skeptics believe. This is also the primary misconception that prevents some traditional businesses from choosing AI. The truth is that instead of replacing human efforts it augments them. It helps human employees work better without redundant tasks tiring them out. It helps businesses grow better and boosts employee productivity.

AI replaces human efforts
AI replaces human efforts

A well-trained machine learning model will be able to help businesses identify imminent problems. This will improve the decision-making process. But at the base of it, there are the human employees who identify the gaps in traditional systems. They then identify the potential business problems and seek solutions through the implementation of AI for enterprises. To maintain the datasets, to oversee the functioning of the trained network as well as to validate the reports there will be human employees still in the picture. Supercomputers that think smartly and autonomously run an entire business infrastructure is presently not a reality. Businesses of all sizes and all types of infrastructure can therefore enjoy the benefits of AI solutions without the fear of smart machines replacing humans.

By working with the top AI companies you will be able to identify the best AI solutions for your business. AI development companies help businesses big and small work on applications with fully personalized services that maximize the business benefits of AI. So, now is the right time if you wish to equip your firm with the strengths offered by AI to face the stiff competition in your industry. Talk to your AI consulting company about AI for enterprise and come up with a plan of action. This will be an investment that changes the course of your business and helps it scale new heights.

By Travis Mann

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