Best Beaches in Dubai for Jet Skiing: A Comprehensive Guide

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Dubai is a great city of the United Arab Emirates and it provides a lot of places to visit and amazing activities to experience. Among the most popular activities, jet skiing is very famous. If you are planning to visit Dubai and want to make your trip memorable and entertaining you must experience jet skiing in Dubai. Jet skiing is a very popular and adventurous activity to experience in Dubai. People who love to do water activities must try the Dubai Jet Ski. Dubai is a very popular city with lots of amazing and clean beaches where you can go and make your trip unforgettable and entertaining. You can enjoy your weekends on Dubai beaches but if you are a visitor in Dubai and you have less chances to visit Dubai again you must visit Dubai beaches on working days to avoid any crowd and to enjoy jet skiing in an amazing way. 

Best Beaches in Dubai for Jet Skiing:

Dubai is a coastal emirate and famous for a lot of beautiful and attractive beaches where you can spend your holidays and can plan your picnics on weekends. First of all jet ski owners have to register their vehicles from the RTA Marina agency before starting to get into high speed coastal adventures. Let’s discuss the most famous beaches of Dubai where you can enjoy and experience jet ski activity.

1. The La Mer Beach: 

The La Mer beach comes on the top of list among the most popular beaches of Dubai where you can experience jet ski water sports at very affordable prices. You can enjoy this activity with your family or friends. It is developed and operated by Meraas and this beach is highly famous for its Insta friendly backdrop. Along with the jet skiing, La Mer also offers many other entertaining and adventurous activities for the Dubai visitors. So, if you want to enjoy and experience a lot of water sports at one place you should choose the La Mer beach. 

Countless retail stores and amazing restaurants are also present at this beach. If you are a beginner you can get help from the instructors provided by the jet ski owners. In order to have a brilliant jet ski experience you must consider the La Mer beach first.

Ticket price for jet skiing is according to the number of persons and according to the time taken. If you are a group of two and want to enjoy the ride for 30 minutes which is enough time to enjoy jet skiing the ticket cost is AED 350. The ticket cost is also different at different times of the day. In the morning the ticket cost is expensive as compared to afternoon. You can enjoy your ride at any time from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. 

2. JBR Public Beach:

Another famous beach for jet skiing in Dubai is JBR public beach. This beach is located near the Jumeirah beach so people living in jumeirah residence are familiar with this famous beach. JBR public beach also has many trendy and coolest restaurants and trendiest retail outlets. All the water activities of this beach such as jet skiing, flyboarding and banana boating is operated by sea Breeze. You can easily book your ticket for jet skiing at JBR public beach through Sea Breeze. It has a lot of instructors and various models of jet skis. So you can experience the jet ski of your choice. In summer you can get amazing discounts on jet skiing at JBR beach Dubai so you should try to visit in summer to get amazing discounts. 

The average ticket cost of one person for jet skiing is AED 210 for 15 minutes and AED 375 for half an hour. 

3. Mamzar Beach Park:

Another famous beach included in the list is Mamzar beach where you can experience jet skiing and other water sports under low budget. It is the best place for hanging out with family or friends. It is a part of Deira and this beach park has an area of 106 hectares. You can enjoy jet skiing activities along with swimming and skating. You can contact the shark jet ski tours through their official website and can book your tickets for Dubai Jet Ski with special discount offers.

4. The Dubai Marina:

The list is incomplete without mentioning the Dubai Marine which is the most popular beach of Dubai for jet skiing activity. In order to observe the iconic landmarks of Dubai in an eccentric way you should choose to take a jet ski tour across Dubai marina along with the experienced instructors. Jet skiing in Dubai is allowed through the registered tour operator so you can only book your tickets through tour operators.

5. Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour:

It is another famous beach of Dubai where you can experience adventurous jet ski activity. You can experience this activity without a license and can take part in a cheap jet skiing session at umm Suqeim fishing harbor operated by a licensed tour company. 

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Rules and Regulations for Dubai Jet Ski:

If you’re planning to ride a jet ski in Dubai, here are some rules and regulations you should be aware of:

  1. Age Limit: You must be at least 18 years old to operate a jet ski in Dubai. If you are under 18, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  2. License: A valid UAE driving license or a jet ski license is required to ride a jet ski in Dubai.
  3. Safety Equipment: You must wear a life jacket at all times while riding a jet ski. The rental company will provide the jacket.
  4. Speed Limit: There is a speed limit of 20 knots within 300 meters of the shore and 5 knots in areas designated for swimming.
  5. Restricted Areas: There are designated areas where jet skis are not allowed. These include areas close to oil terminals, water desalination plants, and other critical infrastructure.
  6. Operating Hours: Jet skis are only allowed to be operated during daylight hours (between sunrise and sunset).
  7. No Drugs or Alcohol: It is strictly prohibited to operate a jet ski under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  8. Respect Other Watercraft: Always give way to larger vessels and avoid disturbing swimmers or other watercraft.
  9. Environmental Responsibility: It is important to preserve the natural environment, so do not throw trash in the water and avoid disturbing marine life.
  10. Follow Instructions: Always follow the instructions of the rental company, and any other authorities while operating the jet ski.

It’s important to follow these rules and regulations to ensure the safety of yourself and others and to enjoy a fun and responsible jet ski ride in Dubai.

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