Check out these 5 best Tree house hotels and reasons to choose 

Tree house hotels

Have you ever thought about spending a night at Tree house? If you want to gather a completely new experience in the upcoming trip, choose a destination where you can enjoy a night at the Tree-house. With the Eco-friendly movement nowadays, this type of hotel is capturing the industry rapidly. Besides, this particular type of accommodation is not much costly.

In exchange for minimal cost, one can easily enjoy a wonderful experience of accommodation at your dream destination. There are ample spots where you can enjoy this Tree house accommodation.

So, if you want to try something new then without thinking much, check out the following accommodations at the earliest.

5 Best Tree house hotels which you must check-in

When it comes to the matter of Tree house hotels, then you must remember you will get a scope to spend a day amidst nature. Is not it beautiful? Waking up in the midst of nature certainly will blow your mind completely. Besides, when you take the first sip of your morning tea within the Treehouse, you will definitely feel amazing.

  • Azulik Tulum 

Located in: Mexico 

Details: Do you want to have a view of both sanctuary and sea sight from your hotel room? Then you must check in Azulik Tulum in Mexico. Moreover, if you plan to spend this Christmas in Mexico and experience something new, do visit this hotel. In the midst of the woods and coast side, all the Tree house are located.

When you see the accommodation, it will completely mesmerize you. There is no electricity or Air Conditioning or even no internet connection. Such disconnections are there just to give you the real feeling of staying in the midst of nature. Having dinner at the candlelight enhances nature’s naturalist more than expected.

Azulik Tulum

  • Lion Sands Game Reserve

Location: South Africa 

Details: If you want to enjoy this weekend in Africa, then do visit Kruger National Park. It is the largest national park in Africa which is famous for Lions. So, do you want to spend the night with a lion roar at the backdrop? Then choose Lion Sands Game Reserve, which is just nearby that national park. The Tree-house is located at the bank of the Sabie River.

Residing in this Tree house is entirely thrilling, and you will get the chance to witness the Big Five of Africa. Usually, tourists used to select this destination for having a view of leopards, rhinos, Cape buffalo, lions, and elephants. Talking about the Treehouse, it is entirely safe and secure. Rooms are very big, and interior decoration is mind-blowing.

However, the fee for this Treehouse is relatively high. You may borrow doorstep loans to finance this trip.

  • Châteaux Dans Les Arbres

Location: France 

Details: Got the inspiration from a French fairy tale. These Tree-houses are entirely extraordinary. Simple yet, those Tree house look really beautiful. Moreover, if you were looking for cozy accommodation, without thinking about many checks in this hotel, large soft beds, comfortable sofas, and terrace washroom is enough to give you ultimate ease.

There is no reason to be afraid of the height because these Tree houses are located very low. The only reason behind such low height is, the woods are entirely artificial. There is no chance of animals trespassing into the area of the Tree-house.

  • Tree hotel

Location: Sweden 

Details: If you plan to visit Sweden, do not forget to check-in at Tree hotel. Such accommodation is built in a completely Scandinavian way so that it can offer a Gothic feel to its tourists. The Treehouse has a theme.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the serenity of nature by using each and every piece of eco-friendly equipment. There is a specialty in this Tree-hotel. There are seven types of accommodations. All of them share entirely different interiors.


 Location: New Zealand 

Details: Located in the midst of the woods, the hotel authority chooses all those Kanuka trees to build these tree houses. Just because the Tree house is in the middle of the forest area, all those accommodations are placed 10 meters above the ground to ensure security. The view of deer and other wild animals is quite common from such a top view.


Besides, you will get the chance to stay close to mountains and fountains. All those Treehouses are decorated in such a way so that you can enjoy the weekend with ease. For saving yourself from the cold, there is a system of the fireplace at every cottage. You will have a view of Seaward Mountain Range, Mangamaunu bay, and Kaikoura’s cost line.

Reasons to choose Treehouse for spending weekends

You may now have a fair idea of what these Tree-houses are all about. Some reasons to choose it over standard accommodation include,

  • You will get the chance to live within nature.
  • It will work as a good stress buster.
  • Treehouse staying will offer you a completely new experience.
  • Enjoying a night with your family or friends will definitely offer you a memorable memory.
  • Residing inside the Tree-house will indulge within your love for nature and the necessity to protect greenery. When you use each and every Eco-friendly product, even for a single night, it will make you realize the purity of nature.

There are many other reasons to choose Tree-house over normal hotels. So, if you think any of these reasons match with you, then plan your next destination.

By Travis Mann

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