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It also referred Birmingham to as the “Second City” of England and the “City of a Thousand Trades.” This city has a completely different vibe than other major English cities. Everyone can find plenty to do in this city, from establishments to foreign students and refugees..

The demographics of the university will dissatisfy no local or foreign student in Birmingham. Birmingham is a fantastic study place for foreign students because it is home to numerous top-notch universities. So let’s find out which business schools in Birmingham, UK, are the greatest for foreign students.

Student’s dream of studying abroad, however, it is not the cup of tea for everyone. To get admission to universities, they have to go through a lot of procedures. First of all, you must have good writing skills, since all universities require you to complete many assignments and dissertations. However, most students lack these skills, so they choose Assignment Help to complete the task.

Birmingham’s top institutions for international students

Birmingham, the second-largest city in the UK, is a well-liked location for international students due to the abundance of universities and other higher-education institutions there. Here are the top  universities in Birmingham.

The University of Birmingham

According to the QS World University Rankings, the University of Birmingham is a “red brick university,” a term used to describe a group of universities created in industrial cities in the 19th century in England. It belongs to the Russell Set of universities, a select group of research facilities that have excellent education standards.

They rank the University of Birmingham among the top 50 universities in a number of subjects, including dentistry, behavioral sciences, education, English philosophy and literature, athletics subjects, and religious studies, according to people who look at the World University Rankings by subject.

Aston University

In the centre of Birmingham, there is a public university called Aston University. The first latest technological college in the UK, they granted it a royal warrant in April 1966. Aston University has risen to the 485th spot in the Qs World University. With its contemporary amenities and facilities, this university ranks among Birmingham’s best.

Newman University

Originally known as Newman College of Higher Education, Newman University is one of Birmingham’s most well-known public universities. Newman University offered numerous courses in subjects, including sports science and the liberal arts. This university has moved up to rank 112 in the Regional Universities Midwest rankings for teaching quality. A few kilometres from Birmingham City Centre, the university is situated in a quiet area

University College Birmingham

UCB, located in the middle of the largest regional metropolis in the UK and offering career-focused education and training, is highly respected by employers. The institution cherishes its solid and positive ties to local businesses and professionals as well as those from other parts of the nation and the globe. This ensures that students has the abilities and characteristics necessary for a successful profession.

Why Attend University in Birmingham?

Worldwide Exposure

It goes without saying that Birmingham offers students from all around the world the best worldwide exposure. They have alliances with the top businesses, ensuring that graduates not only get employment but also live happy lives.

Education Center

Due of its high educational levels, Birmingham is more popular among Indian students. They regarded Birmingham as having some of the top educational and teaching standards in the world. As a result, students who seek further education at UK universities are better able to discover careers and futures

Birmingham’s daily routine and culture

Students from all over the world want to continue their education in Birmingham. For international students, Birmingham has a lot to offer. Students’ education is enriched by their time spent in Birmingham. Everything from its luxurious way of life to its exceptional world heritage sites, affordable transportation options, amazing cuisine options, leisure amenities, etc.

Work While You Learn

it also permitted international students to work part-time throughout their academic year by the government in order to promote a happy student life where individuals can fund their university education.

One of the UK cities with the best connections

Birmingham, located in the center of England, is about a two hour drive from London. Traveling to continental Birmingham International Airport’s presence makes Europe simpler. This city contains over 8,000 acres of open space, making it one of the greens in the UK.

Affordable compared to other UK cities

Birmingham is significantly less expensive when compared to London, which is nearby. It is comparatively less expensive than London if you only compare the rent costs. The biggest outlay for any overseas student is their rent. The universities in Birmingham, UK also offer on-campus housing for students that is both inexpensive and secure.

Being an international student in Birmingham

If you’re an international student seeking a top-notch education without breaking the bank, Birmingham is the greatest study location in the UK. As you already know, rent is a significant expense for international students, and Birmingham offers lower rent than other nearby UK cities. Private, furnished apartments in Birmingham typically cost around £800 per month to rent for international students. However, on-campus housing is more affordable and safe, costing about £600 per month.

Birmingham’s student life is also regarded as among the best in the UK due to several features, including safety, affordability, financial aid, accessibility, and others. International students have access to a variety of transportation options. In Birmingham, public buses and underground trains are safe ways to get around.

Reasons to study at Birmingham


At the seventh-best rate in the UK, 97% of Birmingham City University graduates are employed or enrolled in further education six months after graduation. Regardless of the BCU .Course you select, the university will give you the chance to advance in your job, get paid more, and realize your full potential.

There are times when students choose complicated subjects to study and when they are assigned assignments and dissertations, they have difficulty writing, so they turn to online platforms like Assignment Writing Service in London. They have experienced writers who assist the students in their writing tasks.

Learning resources and libraries

In its seven libraries and learning centers, Birmingham City University possesses more than 715,000 books and over 28,000 print and electronic publications. One of the largest specialized health libraries in the UK, the Mary Seacole Library, is located on the City South Site. Each library reflects the subjects taught at that campus.


Birmingham City University is continually seeking ways to enhance its offerings so that its students can take advantage of a cutting-edge learning environment. The £260 million that BCU is now investing in various university-related projects will help staff and students for many years to come.


If you’re an international student, it’s always helpful to take a look at what the best schools in your area are. Your local university may be amazing, but if there are better options available, why not take advantage of them? So if you have an interest in studying abroad in Birmingham, it’s very worth looking into these different institutions and trying to figure out which one is right for you!


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