14 Impactful Content Writing Tips for Generation Y That Can Do Wonder

Content Writing Tips for Generation Y

Generation Y has come of age in a world where information is constantly at their fingertips. They are a generation that has seen the internet grow from a novelty to an essential part of life. This makes them savvy and resourceful when it comes to finding information, and they expect brands to be equally knowledgeable and engaging.

If you’re looking for tips on how to market to this tech-savvy demographic, look no further! Here are some content writing tips that will help you reach Generation Y.

14 Easy Way To Make and Optimize Content Writing for Generation Y-

1. Keep it short and sweet

When you write blog posts for Generation Y, make sure to use language that’s clear and concise. The language should be simple and straightforward enough for a ninth grade reading level (which is the average reading level of this demographic). You should also limit yourself to fewer than 600 words since this generation prefers shorter articles (less than 800 words).

2. Be aware of how they use social media

Many members of Generation Y spend an increasing amount of their time on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, so these platforms can be great resources when it comes to marketing your business or product. Consider creating a Facebook page or establishing a presence on other social networking sites to reach out to younger.

If you have the resources to do so, it might be a good idea to hire someone who can manage your social media sites as this generation may not be as familiar with the ins and outs of using these platforms.

3. Answer questions they’re interested in

When writing content for Generation Y, make sure you answer questions that are relevant to their lifestyles. For example, Baby Boomers tend to prefer articles that focus on health and fitness while older generations care more about car repair and travel tips.

The best way to reach out to Generation Y is by appealing directly to them – find out what interests them the most and tailor your content around those specific topics rather than trying to please everyone! Of course, if you want all-encompassing information about how to write great content for any generation, check out the rest of our blog!

4. Let them know your personality

Gen Y is a generation that craves authenticity. They want to have relationships with brands, especially those that are personable and down-to-earth. To reach out to these consumers, you need to write content that lets your personality shine through – it should be engaging and feel as though one human being is talking directly to another human being.

If you’re struggling with this concept, consider hiring a marketing consultant who can help you define your brand’s tone and then translate that into content that will resonate with Generation Y.

5. Use images

This generation is very visual, which means that including images in your blog posts can help attract their attention. Studies show that Generation Y tends to remember only 10% of what they read online, but they retain 65% of what they see! Keep this idea in mind whenever you’re creating content for this demographic.

Instead of writing long passages about something, consider inserting an image instead. This will make the post more engaging and help them recall your information later on.

6. Be sure to proofread

When it comes to content writing tips for Generation Y, be sure to proofread everything thoroughly before publishing it online or sharing it with anyone else. It’s common for people who spend a lot of time writing on the internet to make typos or misspell words. This is especially true for Generation Y because they’re so reliant on technology.

However, be wary of spelling and grammar errors – even if you think an article is funny, make sure it doesn’t contain mistakes that will distract your readers from the actual content of the post.

7. Be engaging

When writing content for this demographic, make sure to engage your audience with unique blog posts that are tailored specifically to them. Think about what topics would interest them most and include those in your articles instead of focusing on more general information that’s likely to appeal to all generations.

You can also ask questions throughout the article that encourage Generation Y to comment directly within the blog post itself (rather than leaving a comment on Facebook or Twitter, for example).

8. Focus on current events

It’s difficult to predict the future, which makes it hard to write about what could happen in 10 or 20 years. For content writing tips for Generation Y, keep your posts focused on things that are happening now – this generation tends to be very up-to-date with what is trending online and they enjoy learning more about new products and services they can use today. Make sure you’re aware of the latest news stories so you can integrate them into your content whenever possible!

9. Remember humor works well

Just because many members of Generation Y tend to be more interested in serious topics doesn’t mean that all content they read has to super formal. You can still make them laugh or smile by using puns or including lighthearted references to popular TV shows, music, celebrities, etc. Try your best not to be corny with your humor – if you’re struggling with this concept, simply ask someone who falls within this generation for feedback on how they perceive your sense of humor!

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10. Understand their perspectives

It’s important that content writers understand whose perspective they are writing into before beginning to write blog posts for Generation Y. This will allow them to mirror the language and tone used by members of this generation in their blog posts (rather than describing something as “awesome” when many people away from Generation Y do not use that word).

As previously mentioned, understanding the personality traits associated with members of Generation Y will also help you tailor your writing in a way that appeals to them.

11. Include pictures in your posts

Since this generation is very visually-oriented, it’s important to include relevant images whenever possible. Not only can these images be eye-catching and draw attention to your blog post, but they can generate more “Likes” or “+1″s on social media sites as well. If you have the time, try creating custom graphics for each post so you don’t have to rely on stock photos that are associated with other brands who also use those same images.

12. Think about their future career paths

It’s tough for members of Generation Y to think about what want to do with their lives and which career they will pursue. They’re often caught up in the present moment, focusing on grades in school and what TV shows to watch later that night rather than investing time into understanding how their interests align with certain jobs or companies.

Keep your content writing tips for Generation Y relevant by providing information that can help them get a leg up when looking for jobs within certain industries after they graduate from college.

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13. Use language they’re comfortable with

The best content writing tips for Generation Y are also the simplest – use language that resonates with this generation. Keep your blog posts short, sweet, and to-the-point without using too much jargon or phrasing that makes it seem like you’re talking down to them.

If you need help getting started, check out our list of slang terms often used by people who fall into this demographic or simply ask someone who identifies as a member of Generation Y for feedback!

14. Target their favorite companies

One of the most effective ways to reach members of Generation Y is by targeting companies that interest them most. This means researching which brands appeal most to younger consumers and focusing content on those companies whenever possible. You can also link back to these companies in the author bio section of your blog posts so members of Generation Y know they’re being listened to.

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