Does The Mediclaim Policy Plan Cover Injuries For Adventure?

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Yes, the mediclaim policy plan covers the injuries caused due to any adventure activity. Mediclaim policies can prove to be lifesavers in a situation where a person gets physically hurt in any way. Raising a claim can help you get the insured amount of money to help you with your situation. If you are an adrenaline junkie and love doing adventure activities, having a proper medical insurance policy from established providers like Niva Bupa health insurance to ensure coverage is important. 

While it is true that a mediclaim policy plan is widely available, it is not always the case that there will be coverage for you. This is because of the fact that providers often put restrictions on the types of activities an insured person can take part in. On the other hand, if you are to get hurt physically during such adventure activities and make a claim, then you could be eligible for full reimbursement.


What is a mediclaim policy?

A mediclaim insurance policy is a financial tool that offers extensive coverage to the policyholder. Unlike regular health insurance plans, the Mediclaim policy is not limited only to hospitalisation, transport, and treatment charges. It provides extensive and comprehensive coverage in return for the agreed premium payments. Some of the popular features of mediclaim insurance are providing cashless benefits, covering pre-existing illnesses, regular medical check-ups, serious injuries due to adventure activities, and many more. If you are looking for an acclaimed mediclaim policy, you can easily get it online from Niva Bupa health insurance in India. 

Mediclaim insurance policies can prove to be lifesavers in a situation where a person gets physically hurt in any way. Raising a claim can help you get the insured amount of money to help you with your situation. The best part about mediclaim is that it covers the things like injuries, loss of income and house etc. which can bring you financial hardship.


Inclusions of this accidental mediclaim policy 

Some important things that are required by the policyholders in any unexpected situations of health deterioration during any adventure activity are covered by the mediclaim policy of the Niva Bupa health insurance plan. Here are some of them 

The mediclaim policy plan covers any injure or accidental illness that is the result of a covered adventure activity. Most patients may not be aware of this but getting injured while doing activities in the wilderness can be very dangerous. Being physically hurt while doing some activities can be very painful, especially if it happens suddenly without prior warning. This pain can be extremely distracting to the body and cause physical problems such as high blood pressure or irregular heart beat


Immediate hospitalisation at the time of the accident

If a person meets with an accident while performing any of the adventure activities, they will be immediately taken in an ambulance to the hospital. Immediate medical aid is provided to them to get them to a stable condition. All the ambulance and hospitalisation charges are duly covered by the Mediclaim policy. 


Around 2 lakh Rupees are given to the policyholders for this purpose. Usually, this amount is sufficient for any such treatment. If the injury is extremely serious and requires more money for its treatment, you can look out for other sources of financial support. 


Compensation in case of a permanent disability

If the injury caused to a person results in some kind of permanent disability, the plan extends a comprehensive compensation cover of Rs. 1 lakh. This is done to compensate for the loss of the injured person as well as his family. Thus, opting for the mediclaim insurance policy from acclaimed providers like Bajaj Allianz and Niva Bupa health insurance is highly beneficial and well-rewarding. 


Perks of having an adventure insurance plan 

There are various benefits of having an adventure insurance plan. If you have a mediclaim policy, it can support you during harsh times. Some of the major benefits of the same are –


Gives you a broad financial coverage

Expenses arising due to the treatment of a particular injured person can be sky-touching at times. Having Niva Bupa health insurance or a mediclaim policy to help you shoulder the expenses in a better manner can be quite a relief. Broad financial coverage is given to the policyholders that have an accident insurance plan. 


If you get injured while performing any adventure sport, you are eligible to raise a claim. No other activity or condition damaging a person’s health is counted in the case of this cover. Some of the most common adventure sports that people take this insurance cover for are – trekking, racing, etc. Also, the claim process is very easy and effortless. You can easily file claims online from the comfort of your home. 


Death coverage is also provided

In case a person dies while performing any adventure activity, his family gets a compensation of Rs. 1 lakh. This is a helpful and morally correct move to help in supporting the family of the dead person. By purchasing a mediclaim policy, you can effectively safeguard the financial status of your family members. 


Coverage of a permanent disability

In case of a permanent disability, a compensation of Rs. 1 lakh is given to the policyholder. Although these cases rarely take place, staying mentally prepared for them can push you towards buying the mediclaim policy or Niva Bupa health insurance for financial support. 


How can you purchase a mediclaim cover? 

  •     You can visit the website of the insurance provider that you deem the best. After going through the contents on their website, you can search for the adventure cover. Click on it. 
  •     Fill in the required details like your name, contact number, email address, etc. 
  •     After you are done filling in important details, you can move toward the payment window. 
  •     You can make the payment for Niva Bupa health insurance online with either credit or debit cards. You can also check out if UPI is accept by the insurance provider that you have selected.

While exploring unknown terrains and traveling, adventure activities can cause many injuries. Having a medical insurance policy to pay for medical bills and get the necessary care can prove to be vital in such situations. If you have to take time off from your career due to an accident caused by you or someone else, a personal health insurance policy can help ensure that the claims are settled as soon as possible.

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