Top Tips for Choosing Energy Efficient Radiator for your Home

Radiators are the best tool to add warmth to your home in cold weather. The modern radiators not only provide warmth and comfort but also add style to your house with their eye-catching designs and beautiful colours. Nowadays, not all radiators are created equally fashion cushion as there is a huge variety in the market to select from. Modern radiators are now being created by keeping the cost of energy in mind, and some radiators are manufactured as energy efficient to reduce the monthly costs. Well, because of the variety of options available in the market, choosing the right one can get difficult sometimes. Therefore, this guide has all the information you require for choosing energy-efficient radiators for your home.

Types of radiators

Before opting to buy a new radiator for your home, it is important to understand the types of radiators you will find in the market. All types are different but unique, and they include:

  • Aluminium radiator
  • Cast iron radiator
  • Dual fuel radiators
  • Double panel radiators
  • Electric radiators
  • Gas radiators
  • Designer radiators, such as bench radiators, mirrors and towels.

How to choose an energy-efficient radiator?

When it comes to choosing the radiator for your home, energy efficiency is the main thing that you consider because investing in a good radiator is easy but paying heavy bills every month can get difficult. Hence, make sure to view all the elements while selecting a radiator. Some of the important tips to consider are:

Choose the right size

One of the numerous vital things to think about before buying a radiator is the size of the radiator. Having a correct sized radiator will ensure no wastage of energy and fewer bills. Larger radiators can be more efficient because they won’t require a lot of time to boil the water inside them. Whereas the smaller radiators take more time to generate the same amount of heat to warm up the larger space. Therefore, make sure to buy the right size using a BTU calculator.

Go for gas radiators

In the UK, running electricity radiators is more expensive than running gas radiators. This is why electric radiators are more expensive than gas heating systems. However, these radiators are more efficient, and you can have more control over setting the temperatures according to the weather. If you desire to cut down on electricity invoices, you should opt for the gas-operated radiators, as they will cost you less than the electric ones. You can also opt for the dual fuel radiator that can be easily operated on both electricity and gas. 

Choose aluminium radiators

Aluminium radiators are known as the most energy-efficient radiator because aluminium is the best heat conductor and heats up more quickly than other materials. It means that to reach the temperature you desire, you will require less energy to heat the radiator. Moreover, the aluminium radiators require less water than the other types of radiators, and less water means less energy will be required to boil the water. The boiler inside the radiator won’t have to work hard to reach high temperatures, and you can get the desired heat in less time using less energy. If you have a space in your house that is not used often, you can install an aluminium radiator there to heat the place quickly.

Cast iron for larger rooms

When it comes to purchasing a radiator for the house, where the size of the radiator matters, the size of the room also matters. Make sure to buy the radiator according to the size of your room. If you have smaller room, aluminium radiators are ideal. However, the cast iron radiators are better for rooms with a larger area. The cast iron radiators heat up more slowly than aluminium radiators but radiate heat more evenly. Modern designer radiators are also being manufactured in cast iron style because some people love the aesthetics of cast iron radiators.

Dual fuel radiators

In the radiators with the water system, one of the biggest efficiency issues comes from the fact that these radiators always pump heated water around the whole space. This method is always inefficient because the heat is wasted on the areas that don’t require being heated. On the other hand, the slowfoodmaresme dual fuel radiators can solve the problem and provide you with great benefits in terms of efficiency improvements in your home. When you have the dual fuel radiator in your home, you can run the towel rail on the central heating when all the radiators in your home are on. The good thing is that in summer, you can only turn your towel rail on using electricity. This will save a lot of energy vs turning on the entire central heating system just to dry up your towel rail.

Double panel radiators

These radiators are known as energy efficient because they work by convection. These radiators are composed of two panels made of steel and two convectors, one on top of the other. The panels emit warm air into the room in less time. These radiators are ideal for rooms with big space and require instant heating. The cons of using this radiator are that these are too bulky, they have a seafiremedia basic design and are not suitable for small rooms. However, the good thing about these radiators is that they have higher heat output and can heat the place quickly using less energy and less time. If you are fine with investing a heavy amount, this radiator will help you save enough in the long run.


Using radiators is the most efficient way to get heat in cold weather. However, choosing the one with the best features is daunting because of the several options available in the market. If you are examining for an energy-efficient radiator to save energy and cost on heavy bills, you should consider following the tips given in this guide. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best one.


By Travis Mann

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