Enjoy 6 Days Dubai Group and Family Tour Package with Atlantis

dubai family tour package

It’s time to break from all day of daily work. Are you looking for a Dubai family tour package? How amazing is it if you visit all the most loved places in Dubai? And you tell your friends about your experience in Dubai. Explore the most beautiful sites of Dubai.

As you know, Dubai is known for its luxury mall, the Tallest building in the world, palm islands and lovely nightlife. So why not take a trip to Dubai? It’s an amazing city to explore the whole wonders of the world in one city. Dubai is a city that never lets you down. It will impress you with the beautiful places of Dubai. It would not be wrong to say Dubai is a city of beauty, royalness, luxury hotels, and high-rise buildings. Whether it is a thrilling ride or a dancing fountain, Dubai never let you down.

Roaming Routes always makes the best package for you, whether you are looking for a Dubai Family tour package or a Dubai group tour package. All the accommodation, transportation for moving from one place to another, food, and Roaming Routes include in this package. It is our popular package Dubai Tour package, so don’t waste time and, without any second thought, book the package because only a few of this package is remaining. Book one of our best tour packages for 6 days 5 nights only at 60000. It’s not all about price; just chill and enjoy. Going to Dubai is the dream of someone, so don’t lose this beautiful city. Just book it and spend your money on the top sights of Dubai, which will make your dream life.


First day of Dubai family tour Package

On the first day of arrival in Dubai, after having some rest in the omega luxury hotel of Dubai. Get ready to have amazing, world class thrilling rides. Whether it is a child or you, everyone loves these rides. The first day spends at Ferrari world. This is really a cool place to enjoy. It already has a lot of rides, which makes it amazing. With flying aces, turbo track, and formula Rossa, these are amazing rides you will not miss. Believe it or not, you hardly get bored after a lot of rides; it’s time to eat some yummiest food In the Ferrari world’s shop. A lot of beautiful and amazing items you will definitely love here for shopping. Come back to the hotel.

The second day of Dubai family tour Package

The second day starts with a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Today you will visit Dubai Mall. Not wrong to say all the luxury brands and restaurants you found here that you have not found anywhere in the world. With the amazing interior, foods you will definitely fall in love with Dubai mall. Who would not want to sell the 155 million-year-old dinosaur skeleton? Now you will view a Dinosaur skeleton that you have not found anywhere in the world. After some exploration, it’s time to see the world underwater zoo and explore the aquatic animal. Definitely, you will never forget this amazing experience.

The Third day of Dubai family tour Package

On the third day, Wake up with a delicious breakfast at Dubai’s hotel. For some time, you can explore on your own. In the evening, get ready to see the Dubai Fountain. After reaching Dubai Fountain, you can stay on the walk bridge or get a closer view of Dubai Fountain; you can also get a lake ride and get a world-best feeling that you will never forget. Alongside with ride, enjoy the live music at Dubai fountain. Afterwards, you will visit the most loved place in Dubai and from, which Dubai is known for, “The Burj Kalifa”. Let’s have dinner at the tallest building in the world, and from the top of the building, enjoy the whole view of Dubai. After having a world-class experience, come back to the hotel.

The Fourth day of Dubai family tour Package

On the fourth day of the trip, after having breakfast. After checking out, It’s time to go to Atlantis. Explore one of the most loved places in Dubai. Fun out with these amazing water rides and activities in Atlantis. The best holiday destination for families and a unique aquarium experience. The moment you arrive, you definitely find a new world or a new experience. It’s worth it here after spending every minute. Now you will enjoy skydiving at the top of the Atlantis and get a view of the palm area. Stay at the Atlantis hotel and have dinner here.

The Fifth day of Dubai family tour Package

On the fifth day of the trip, you enjoy the wild wadi waterpark; it’s an attractive place for families. Get fun with the exciting rides at wild wadi waterpark. A great place for whole day fun with the family. After enjoying it, it’s time to eat some food at the waterpark. After some time you can relax in the pool and explore more nearby places.

The End day of the Dubai family tour Package

The trip ended on the sixth day, After having a delicious breakfast at the hotel. You can go to the island for some hours, then come to the hotel and pack your bag for the airport to return to India. Hope you will enjoy the trip and have a memorable journey with this trip.

At last, make a trip to Dubai whether you go with family or a group. It’s a great Dubai family tour package from Roaming Routes. It is one of the most popular packages of Roaming Routes so that you can take advantage of it. With this package, explore the beautiful places of Dubai, and there is no doubt why people love this city. Roaming Routes try to cover all popular attractions of Dubai in this package. Book it without any scroll other package and live your happiest moment with this package. Whether it is a thrilling ride or a dancing fountain, Dubai never let you down

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