A Guide to Fraudulent Ghost Book Writers and Publishers

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Ghostwriting is becoming very popular in the last few years. In the busy and hectic life authors mostly do not have a lot of time to write the different books. They have lots of thoughts and ideas in their mind but due to shortage of time they are unable to write the inspiring and magnificent content for the readers. 

In this modern world people prefer to hire professional ghostwriting services to accomplish their projects on time. But it is a very laborious task to find professional ghost book writers. You have to be aware of the fraudulent ghost book writers and publishers. Different ads on the internet attract the client authors and claim to hold a secret method or effective formula for producing best sellers. They offer a foolproof way of earning money through book sales.

There are different ghostwriting companies working for the customers, so it is very difficult to find the professional and real ghostwriting and publishing companies. If you want to save yourself from such type of scams you must be alert while hiring affordable ghostwriting services.

Ghostwriting scams:

Ghostwriters are available everywhere. Wherever you will search ghost book writers and publishers on Google you will get a huge list of professional and well experienced ghost writers. Many companies on the internet are claiming that they can provide high quality authentic content in a very short time and at very affordable prices. 

Most of the time such claims and promises are true but authentic content requires a lot of time and money. So, if ghostwriters offer you to write your content at cheap prices it means they are not professional and cannot provide the unique and authentic content to attract the target readers. High quality writing is not a piece of cake and it requires a lot of research and time. Professional ghostwriters always follow an appropriate process of ghostwriting and they accomplish the writing process in a few months or even years. 

However, professional and talented ghostwriters are able to write the high quality content in a short and reasonable time but it is very difficult to distinguish such ghostwriters from a huge list. 

If you want to hire professional ghostwriting services you have to find professional ghost book writers. Here are some tips by which you can find the true ghostwriters and can save yourself from fraudulent ghostwriters. 

1. Failure to produce high quality content:

Some ghostwriting companies demand the whole payment in advance but, you should not give the entire cost in advance. Because such companies are unable to produce high quality content on time. These companies mostly scam people by pretending to serve their clients and they try to provide the initial chapters on time to build the trust among the clients. But once the money is in their hands they often disappear and do not provide the high quality content to the client authors. You must be aware of such scams and fake ghostwriting companies and should pay the half payment before the work and half payment after the accomplishment of the project. 

2. Plagiarized or stolen content:

Fraudulent ghost book writers and publishers mostly deliver the plagiarized and stolen content to their client authors. Through the plagiarism detectors you can easily check the stolen and plagiarized content. Most of the time clients might make advance payments before detecting the plagiarized content. 

Moreover, some fraudulent ghostwriters take stolen content and provide such content to their clients in a rewritten form. Rewritten content sometimes can not be detected by the plagiarism detectors, so you have to be aware of the stolen or fake content. 

3. Book stuffing:

Book stuffing is another ghostwriting scam. In this scam ghostwriters cleverly add some new pages in the already written content to change the book and to increase the overall size of the book. 

Most of the time such additional content is irrelevant from the original book and such books are unable to publish at a higher level. Some online publishing platforms for example Amazon’s Kindle have attempted to crack down on this practice but in reality some shady ghostwriters have been known to jam different pieces of content into a manuscript to reach page counts. 

4. Low quality work:

Sometimes shady ghostwriters produce low quality content and they offer affordable ghostwriting services to fool the clients. Such ghostwriters often deliver content with poor grammar, incoherent prose or they fail to deliver the content on time. 

Publishing scams:

Book publishing scams are a common problem in the publishing industry. Scammers often target aspiring writers, promising to help them get their book published in exchange for a fee. They may claim to be literary agents or publishers and ask for money upfront for various services such as editing, marketing, and distribution. Unfortunately, many of these scams are elaborate schemes designed to exploit the hopes and dreams of aspiring authors, resulting in lost time, money, and opportunities. It’s important for writers to research any potential publisher or literary agent carefully and to be wary of any requests for upfront fees or contracts that seem too good to be true.

Most of the publishing companies are claiming to publish the book of the clients at a higher level but among these companies some are not able to publish the book at higher level. You must be aware of such publishing scams. Self publishing is not an easy task because writing an authentic  book is not enough to publish because without editing and cover designing publishing is not possible. Here are some tips helpful to save yourself from publishing scams. 

1. Under Delivering on services:

One of the most common scams faced by the clients is under delivering services. It is a very laborious task to find consultants and advisors offering a magic bullet to increase sales and enhance visibility. Most of the time fraudulent publishers offer to provide professional ghostwriting services and publishing services but they are unable to fulfill the needs and requirements of clients on time. So, you have to make sure that the hired publishers must have the ability to provide the best publishing services.

2. Hiding true identity:

Most of the companies steal the name of some famous publishing companies and they often hide their true identity. So, clients must conduct an online search before signing a contract with any publishing company. 

All the above mentioned tips are very helpful to keep yourself safe from ghostwriting and publishing scams.         

By Travis Mann

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