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The nurse is the powerful ingredient of our world. She serves not only the patients but also makes our health system. If we see the lucrative prospectus of nurses that is in the USA. How can we say that? Because according to the World Health Organization, the most developed health sector is in the USA. Thus nursing jobs take a career in the USA. This career is one of the topmost 100 careers in the USA. 

Recently a report published in Forbes Media, 2.8 million nurses are serving the USA community. As we know that in the USA, 35% of people are above 65 years who require health care.

Basic Essentials for Getting of Nursing Jobs

  • You must have 10+2 passed.
  • Graduation in Nursing or Diploma in Nursing or Doctorate in Nursing.

For getting one of the highest-paying nursing jobs, you should need both aspects.

Reports which give proof of nursing is a remunerative career in the USA

  • Why do we say nursing is a lucrative career? The reason behind this, in nursing jobs you get high pay, public respect. Apart from that, you can open your clinics.
  •  According to the ZipRecruiter report, the average salary of entry-level nurses gets $47,127. This comes to approximately $22.66 per hour in nursing jobs.
  • As per the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a Registered Nurse in the USA is $80,010. For which, you should certification in nursing jobs. Whereas those nurses who have achieved a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She earns across the USA approximate $79, 623. 
  • Those states in the USA where a nursing career USA is out of the box. Those states where you get nursing jobs in Elizabeth City NC near you with the highest wages. For instance, New Hampshire, California, Vermont, Washington, and New York.

Diverse Nursing Careers that are remunerative in the USA

Informatics Nurse

Suppose you are craving for technology but your passion in doing nursing jobs. What can you do at this stage? The solution is to combine technology with nursing and the result is Informatics Nurse. You bridge the gap between the hospital staff and the information technology department. Where you analyze, evaluate the data of the patient’s health from time to time. We can say that it is a remunerative career as it provides you with a whopping $102,000 per annum.

ICU Nurse

Intensive Care Unit Nurse work is more discipline than any other nurse. She is responsible for doing operations like intubated, ventilating, and commissioning medication drips frequently in clock hours. ICU Nurse is very common so it avails as nursing jobs near you. Remuneration in this job is very high that is $92,000 per annum.

Travelling Nurse

As the name suggests, in this profession traveling is most of the part. This is one of the highest-paying nursing jobs as it provides you with a voluptuous median salary of $99,000 per year. The traveling nurse does medical assistance in a remote destination. You have an interest in travelling plus in nursing.  This career suits you and gives you high remuneration as well.

Operating Room Nurse

She is the part of the surgery team that renders assistance to the surgeon. The most attractive part of her job is, she is the main communicator between the patient and patient’s families. If you are a good communicator and operator this job is for you. Besides you get an extreme sum of remuneration is on an average of $91,000 per year.

Oncology Nurse

She involves in the very sensitive treatment of cancer. Her main goal is to help cancer patients to get them one of the cancer survivors. If you are a keen observer this profession is appropriate for you. Your career in this nursing job is highly remunerative that offers you a median salary of $87,000 per annum.

Legal Nurse Consultant

As the name implies that, she deals with legal-related medical issues. The main purpose of this nurse is to give invaluable consultation and expertise to attorneys in medical matters. As she serves directly to the attorney so remuneration level will be high on a median is $85,000.

Pharmaceutical Nurse

A Bachelor’s degree in nursing opens the gate for you in the pharma industry as a pharmaceutical nurse. A lot of options for you in this profession. Like trainer in the pharma industry to teach people how to use new drugs, therapies and medicines. You will be a sales representative and technical writer for pharma companies. If you want to wear multiple hats in one profession this is for you. That offers a lucrative remuneration of up to $84,348 approx. 

Immunization Nurses

These nursing jobs do not involve much hard work. In which you can work in immunization clinics to give shot to diseased people. These nurses need most of the flu time when immunization requires frequently like Covid-19. You can gain lots of money by giving a swab in this career which is approximate $15 to $20 per hour.

Health Coach Nurses

These nurses offer health advice regularly to their clients through video calling. You can earn a remuneration of a median of $25 to $30 an hour by becoming a health coach nurse. 

The above nursing careers in the USA prove that nursing is a remunerative field.


To add all the points, we can say that a nursing career in the USA is highly demanding and lucrative. But your remuneration depends on how and which skills you get in nursing. Like doctorate earns more than bachelor in nursing. Overall salary part of these above nursing careers says that these are the highest paying nursing jobs.

By Travis Mann

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