Goechala Dzongri Trek – Must-do for all adventure seekers!

Goechala Dzongri Trek


Goechala Dzongri trek in Sikkim is one of the famous treks in India which starts from Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim and reaches to Goechala Dzongri point which lies on a ridge at an altitude of 11,400 feet above sea level. This trek in Sikkim presents breathtaking views of some of the highest peaks in the world, including Kanchenjunga and Lhotse, which are the third and fourth highest mountains in the world respectively. From here one can also have a view of Everest but only on clear days. So now you can confirm your trip from banbanjara travels.



The Goechala Dzongri trek takes you up to Lachung Glacier and provides you with stunning views of Kanchenjunga and Jannu. It’s a beautiful trek that brings hikers closer to nature, teaching them about how to properly tread lightly on it. If you’re looking for an opportunity to scale beautiful peaks, come face-to-face with snow leopards, or simply escape from city life for an unforgettable experience—look no further than Sikkim.


What is the Goechala Trek?

Located near Manali, at an altitude of 5000 meters (16,400 feet), is a beautiful high mountain meadow called Goechala. This place is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and dense pine forests. From here you can gaze at Kinner Kailash, which has its peak almost touching heaven itself. It is truly a gorgeous place to visit.


Things to know before you go

There are certain important things to keep in mind before you leave on your trip. Make sure you’re well prepared with maps, appropriate attire, and so on. You don’t want to get halfway through your trek without a good map of where you’re going or good equipment. Make sure you research what kinds of wild animals live around that area, as well as any potential wildlife dangers before setting out. This is also very important when hiking or camping near large bodies of water such as lakes and rivers.


What are things to do during Goechala trek?

Are you looking for ways to go on a trek to breath fresh air and revel in nature? Then, you should try going for a hike on one of our most popular treks- the Goechala trek. Named after Himalayan peaks near Narkanda and Chandigarh, which is famous among adventure lovers, it will lead you through scenic sites with natural beauty that would leave you mesmerized.


Best Time to visit the area

Throughout, you will find ideal weather for Goechala Trek. The best time to visit Sikkim and Goechala Dzongri trek is from mid of October to Mid May. This time period can be best enjoyed with pleasant climate throughout. December, January and February months are highly recommended during your visit. The best time to trek Goechala is between October and May. June through September, it gets really hot, but hiking can still be done by following a modified route. If you choose to hike during July and August, pack warm clothes for nights and early mornings. The best time to plan a trip to Goechala is during the monsoon season. This will allow you to catch some glimpses of snow from Goechala top and enjoy trekking through forests. In winter, it’s advisable not to go on any treks or hikes and be very cautious about driving on icy roads.


How to get there?

Do you know where Goechala Dzongri Trek will be in Sikkim? It’s easy and beautiful to reach there if you know how to proceed. Before moving forward, it is necessary to check how to reach here. Follow these steps: first, plan your trip by confirming that you will be able to pay for everything when you land there. You can take some extra cash with you but not too much because space is limited and carrying cash is still safer than using credit cards while traveling.


Trek itinerary

The trekking will begin with a trip to Nathula (on the Indo-China border) and back. The trek will end at Nathu La or Wangdiphodrang, depending on whether you choose one of two trips. You may stay at guest houses during your trek or camp in wildernesses. The minimum duration of any trip to Goechala Dzongri needs to be 2 nights/3 days and maximum duration should be 4 nights/5 days.


What to carry?

Ideally, start your trek with an empty backpack. Start loading it up once you hit your camping spot each night. Start off with necessities like warm clothing (in case it gets chilly at night), food, toiletries and water bottles. Make sure to carry some hiking boots (Tevas are best) and woolen socks too! Carry 2 pairs of thick woolen socks which can be used as bedding as well. And don’t forget to take along some basic first aid kits too!


Where to stay?

There are many lodges and homestays on your way to Goechala, but they fill up quickly. If you’re looking to save some cash and get an authentic feel of rural Sikkim, consider staying at a monastery or guesthouse along your way. This option does come with its challenges—you will be without electricity, cell service, and (in some cases) showers—but it’s also cheaper than other options on offer. The best part?


What are other options?

If you’re an adventure seeker, hiking up to Goechala isn’t just a day trip—it will take you between 3 and 5 days depending on which route you take. Not sure if it’s worth it? There are plenty of other nearby destinations that can keep you busy for three days. Check out Tangthu (also known as Kanchenjunga Base Camp) and Tashiding Monastery.


Do you need a guide?

No, thanks. If you want to trek on your own, then I’d recommend hiring a guide at one of the nearby villages. Many of them are really knowledgeable and they’ll do their best to make sure you have an amazing experience.


Frequently asked questions

When should I visit? You can plan to start your journey in April. There are no major rains during April and May. While summers, starting from June to September, can be pretty hot; there are still days when you’ll need warm clothes because of evening chills. The winter season begins from November till March, and can be chilly, too. But snowfall is rare during these months.

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