How To Make A Casual Blazer Look Classy And Outstanding?

How To Make A Casual Blazer Look Classy And Outstanding

A blazer is often considered the apt outfit for formal occasions. However, a classic blazer can be styled in a plethora of ways including casual looks. If you want to look like the perfect blend of formal and casual, then a linen blazer is what you need. The blazer will give you a relaxed yet sophisticated look making you the best-dressed person. However, pulling off a casual blazer look depends on the balance of colour, material, fit and style. If you are clueless about constructing casual blazer attire, here is some help from our side. With the following tips, you can adorn your casual blazer with confidence.

Defining casual blazer

A blazer for men is a type of jacket that is fit for formal occasions. Though the blazer resembles a suit jacket, it doesn’t feature matching pants. Also, blazer pants are less structured compared to suit pants. Due to these factors, you can pair a blazer with jeans and style it the way you want.

The timeless combo of jeans and blazer

If you are a smart-casual lover, pairing jeans and a blazer for men is the perfect option for you. This combo is ideal for any event in summer be it dinner parties, dates and more. With a classic black blazer and contemporary blue jeans, you can effortlessly pull off this look. Enhance the finish of the look with black shades, a pair of Chelsea boots or a smart casual bag.

Monochrome palette inspired

The monochrome loo is ideal for every smart-casual event. It is not an official meeting and not a black bow tie event and if you can’t figure out what the right blazer outfit is, go for the monochrome style. The midnight monochrome look will be the befitting name for this style because black is the star. Pair your best smart and slim black jeans, a classic t-shirt in black, or grey, and a black or dark grey linen blazer. You can also swap the blazer for a single-breasted evening jacket in a slim cut to take the outfit to the edge. For a trimmer look, choose black jeans with tapered ends at the ankle and a slim cut blazer. Finish off the ensemble with black suede chukka boots or Chelsea boots.

Throwback to retro

Retro looks have made a huge comeback and there is no denying it. The retro styles are inclined towards double-breasted blazers and the trend has surfaced again. You can try the casual take on the formal outfit by leaving it unbuttoned. Pair the double-breasted linen blazer with jeans to achieve the most contemporary look.

Pick nineties-style jeans in a light wash with mid-rise. the jeans higher than you normally would for a more fashion-forward look. Then go for a double-breasted jacket and leave it open with a simple t-shirt. If you want that 80s feel, choose a checked blazer in shades like grey or blues to finish the look with sneakers or creepers for a more casual look.

Chinos and blazer – the comfy look

If you are looking for something comfortable to escape the heat chinos are the best choice to go with a blazer. Notch up the casualness of the outfit with a t-shirt instead of a collared shirt. On the feet stick to sneakers as it makes you look cooler. You can go classic with a traditional navy blazer and white chinos. It gives a nautical twist to the whole outfit.

Go for the new smart

This is a more formal take on the casual linen blazer. This is the perfect look when you have not figured out what to wear to a client meeting on Friday morning. The new smart look express authority and knowledge. The new smart look also gives the idea that you are in accordance with the latest fashion trend of casual work wear. Start the look, with a pair of dark denim jeans and knitted polo in shades of autumn. Finish the look with a heavily built blazer in a slim cut. Make sure that the blazer is also in subdued tones.

A twist with a blazer and shorts

If you are a fun-lover and like twist, a linen blazer and shorts are the ones for you. The blazer with shorts is a playful take on the formal outfit. You can seal the deal with this look by pairing your blazer with a chino that matches in colour. Let a casual contrasting t-shirt sit as the background to add some colour to the outfit. Finally finish the look with sandals, boat shoes or a pair of casual sneakers.

A short guide to wearing a blazer

When it comes to styling a blazer for men there are a lot of misdemeanours circling over the internet, hence here are some basic rules to style your blazer.

  • Don’t make the blazer a part of your suit as it can affect the concept of casual.
  • When it comes to styling a casual look blazer, always stick to an unstructured blazer.
  • For a relaxed look pair the blazer with jeans, chinos or shorts instead of suit pants.
  • While styling your casual blazer, choose a t-shirt or polo shirt instead of a button-down shirt.
  • For a casual look keep the footwear cool with sneakers or loafers

To style your linen blazer casually, always go for a relaxed style instead of uptight looks. To do so, opt for blazers made of lightweight material like linen instead of heavy material like velvet. Also, go for unstructured blazers to tone down the formality. The unstructured blazers are the ones made with softer and flexible material. The unstructured material features minimal to no shoulder pads, making it perfect for formal occasions.

Once you have the linen blazer in hand, stick to informal pieces while styling the rest of the look. Jeans, chinos and shorts are great options for the bottom while t-shirts and sweaters make great top choices. Always add the final touch with befitting casual footwear like sneakers.

Casual blazers always have an irreplaceable place in men’s wardrobe. With these styling ideas put your blazer to good use and get everyone gazing at you in your next casual event.

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