Ideas for Styling Your Home With 9×12 Rugs – Best Placement Ideas

9x12 Rugs

Area rugs create an aesthetic and beautiful ambiance to the room. It changes the entire appearance of the place. Using area rugs in your house is the best way to bring comfort and warmth to the area. 9×12 Area rugs are the largest-sized rug of all sizes. These rugs are large enough to renew the whole look of the room. These rugs are placed in large spaces like a big bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, or outdoor area. A 9×12 area rug is 108×144 inches, more significant than any other rug.

These area rugs provide a rectangular shape and fit perfectly where the place is spacious. The rug’s size is big enough to cover the entire area if used in a normal-sized room. But, if you want to give a centerpiece of attraction to your large area, then 9×12 rugs are considered the best option.

Placement of the 9×12 area rugs:

As these rugs are the largest, they are perfect for adding a complete look to your house’s left-out space. You can place area rugs anywhere you want until and unless it fits your area perfectly, complimenting your interior’s look. The perfect size makes it apt for drawing the attention of everybody.

In the dining room area:

Do you have a 6 or 8 seater dining room table? Well, then 9×12 area rugs are perfect for your area. You can place a 9×12 area rug under the dining table right in the center of the room. The rug is big enough to cover all the chair’s feet, which is best for preventing scratches from moving the chair. These rugs are mainly used under a large dining room table to avoid spills and dirt from ruining and messing the area’s floor. The dining room area is a high-traffic area that tends to get dirty every day, three times a day. So, the best and awesome way to prevent it is to use area rugs to hide the mess. Wool and cotton are commonly used materials for dining room rugs. Keep in mind to place the rug with patterns and bright colors to make your dull dining room light up and vice versa. Also, a dark solid color will do the trick.

In the living room area:

A 9×12 area rug provides an aesthetic and fulfilling look to your significant area. Buying a rug for your living room can be stressful, but if you know what size and color would be perfect with the whole interior of the area, then you will find it easier to buy a 9×12 area rug for your space. A Persian or Oriental rug would excellently match the interior of a rustic and exotic living room. If you want to provide your living room with a modern touch, go for shag rugs in neutral colors.

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In the kitchen:

Area rugs are perfect for kitchen areas. The kitchen area is most likely to get dirty quickly, so placing a rug on the kitchen floors is considered a wise option. Choose a wool rug for your kitchen area as the wool rug is stain-resistant and easily washable. These rugs last longer and are more durable than other materials. Choose a color and pattern that goes well with the floor, walls, and interior of the kitchen.

In the bedroom:

Placing a 9×12 area rug in a large bedroom provides an exotic and comforting vibe to the area. A shag area rug or a cotton rug with a geometric pattern would give a classy and modern interior to your room. Remember to choose a rug with designs and colors to go with the rest of the decoration in the room. You can place a 9×12 area rug under or in front of the king-sized bed in your room. Also, you can give your rug a focal point by placing it right in the center of the room. The 9×12 size can make your room’s ceiling look higher and more spacious since it covers the walls. The texture and design of this type of area rugs are completely different from others; it provides a better grip due to its heavy weight capacity. These rugs are good if you want to lay a newly-poured floor or if you want to place a rug on top of another, more irregular one.

Outdoor areas:

If you have a big open or indoor patio or an open-air balcony, place a 9×12 area rug to give the area a charming and compelling look. Outdoor spaces are usually big enough to require a large rug, for which 9×12 is the number one size when choosing to place in these areas. Choose the appropriate material for outdoor spaces as you do not want to damage your new rug. Synthetic and natural fibers are the commonly used material for outdoor areas.

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How to maintain 9×12 area rugs?

9×12 area rugs are large. It is challenging to wash it by hand. You need a professional cleaner to clean this size area rug. To clean the 9×12 area rug, you can use home DIYs like mixing water and detergent and applying it to the stained area, or you can use white vinegar with warm water to remove dirt and stains from it. You can also call a professional for the cleaning service every once in a while to make your rug look brand new even after years of use. The essential element is to buy a stain-resistant and easily washable material. Wools are considered a material that is easy to clean and wash. So, choose a wool rug for high traffic areas.

Wrapping up, 9×12 area rugs are made only for large spaces if consistent with the decoration part. However, If you want the entire space to be occupied by the rug to warm and cozy the feeling to your area, you can use a rug that fits the whole room. For instance, a 9×12 area rug fits perfectly in a small sitting room. Keep in mind that the texture, color, and pattern go excellently well with the whole atmosphere of the room. So, always be considerate about your place before purchasing a rug. The best place to buy rugs is RugKnots. By browning their website you will find beautiful rug styles.

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