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website SEO optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a complex technique aimed at gaining visibility on search engines by improving the technical elements of a website’s code and textual content. SEO is a technique that allows a website to appear in the first results of a search or at least in a “position” as favorable and relevant as possible.

The term SEO refers to optimization, that is to say all the techniques and strategies aimed at improving the position of a website in the lists and results of search engines. It is a complex and much discussed discipline among webmasters and web agencies (not only in Switzerland but all over the world).

The interest is obvious since appearing at the top of search engines means having access to an extremely wide range of customers.

What is website SEO optimization?

The word “optimization” essentially covers two activities:

  • Technical optimization of a site;
  • Text optimization, better known as SEO copywriting.

Each of these two activities has its own specificities and a large number of complexities. If SEO optimization is generally not done in record time, it is clear that to obtain a constant result, this discipline requires constant attention. SEO requires constant adaptation to the rules set by search engines, which constantly update the algorithms that assess the quality of our website. The optimization rules suggested by Google are an example of this.

  • Market analysis: market research and analysis;
  • Keyword analysis (Keyword Research): these are the terms searched by our potential customers;
  • Definition of keywords: analysis of relevant keywords for your activity;
  • Content creation: optimization of the content of your website, creation of original, innovative and quality content;
  • Creation of links: design of internal and external links;
  • Technical audit of the website: analysis and study of the technical characteristics of your website and its evaluation;
  • Fixed HTML errors
  • Improved speed performance
  • Measurement of results: use of tools dedicated to the optimization of websites for the ranking of results among search engines.

The advantages of an optimized site?

Even if, in some cases, you do not always manage to reach the first place (it must be honest: it is not possible for everyone…), the optimization of the website is an activity that presents strategic advantages for the company:

  • Increased visibility: better overall visibility of your website and improvement of your online reputation;
  • Increased authority: a company present in the first search pages acquires a reputation over time and, consequently, a certain notoriety;
  • Visitors and visits: increase the number of visitors to your website.
  • SEO (Serach Engine Optimization) and positioning can be done without the logic of the product and web marketing. Proper analysis and planning are necessary to achieve your goals.

The secuserv.ch web agency improves the positioning of your site by teaching you to think like your potential customers and also like your secondary (but no less important) interlocutors, the search engines.

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How much does website optimization cost?

Optimization is an activity that involves multiple skills and multiple work resources over long periods of time. Months of work can pass before the first results are visible. This is why optimizing a website can often be very expensive. What we can recommend to companies is a 3-step purchase of a distributed web development project over a period of 1-2 years.

Implementation of the website according to best practices;

Creation of textual content and optimized articles (SEO Copywriting);

Technical optimization of the site and improvement of performance (Technical SEO).

This way, you can see your website building project grow by calibrating the economic expenses with the growth of the result.

Digital marketing of your company: here are 3 good reasons to use an outsourced service

1. Lack of technical knowledge

While there is a wide range of articles, videos, and other content formats available on the web, the knowledge needed to manage a digital marketing campaign only comes with practice.

An agency has several professionals with expertise in different areas. The empirical knowledge acquired while providing services for many clients is certainly a big differential right now.

Trying to do everything in-house can be costly. It’s much more interesting to have people who really understand the subject. After all, you are not a Swiss army knife.

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2. Lack of time

Many entrepreneurs think they can solve everything themselves. “Oh, but post it on Facebook,” some will say. “Oh, just write an email,” others will say. But the truth is that these activities take a lot longer than it looks.

Composing a social media strategy, for example, requires planning, execution, and analysis. So what appears to be “just a message” is actually a much more involved process. The same goes for email marketing, SEO, or content production.

And look, a few of the activities of a sales funnel have been mentioned. Believe us: actions must be well designed and evaluated to have the desired effect.

3. Lack of knowledge of advanced tools

If you take your Digital Marketing campaign very seriously, there will certainly come a time when you will have to resort to paid tools.

Image and video editors, keyword researchers, website reviewers, landing page builders and email feeds, CRM, CMS, plugins, extensions… That’s it. And some of these mechanisms are quite complex.

An expert like the digital marketing agency site is able to recommend the resources needed to execute a strategy because the client booklet has the same need. In this case, we can say that using an outsourced service can even be a way to save money. But not only that. Hired professionals will also have a lot of experience with the platform, which will certainly save you from having to adapt to it or train your staff.

The last tip

Finally, here’s the bottom line: there are two recommended ways to digitally market a business. The first is hiring an agency. The second is to enlist the help of a consulting firm to teach the professionals on the team how to carry out the processes.

Well, if you’ve come this far, you’re probably convinced that doing digital marketing of a business on your own isn’t such a good idea.

In this case, avoid unpleasant surprises and tell us about it! It will be a pleasure to talk with you and make great plans for the future of your business!

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