Instructions on How to Draw A Bubble Letter W Easily

Draw A Bubble Letter W

How to Draw A Bubble Letter W. W is the twenty-third missive of the alphabet and is widely used. Oddly enough, he sees the combinations of some different letters.

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We pronounce it crease you, and it looks like two letters, V, is stuck together. This needs to be clarified, but it’s a fairly easy letter to learn to write.

While easy to write, drawing in other styles can be quite difficult. This guide will explain how to draw a bubble with the letter W.

It may not be very easy, but we have 6 easy and fun steps to walk you through the process and show you how easy it can be.

Not only that, but we’ll also go over some ways you can colourize your creation, along with other fun ideas to try.

Let’s create a winning image by checking how to draw this bubble letter!

How to Draw A Bubble Letter W

Step 1

Whenever we learn to draw a bubble letter, we draw it with a pencil first. This can be a useful concept when. The letter is straightforward but even more suggested when dealing with a complex design.

We therefore strongly advise you to do so with this letter. You can draw a capital W in pencil, and now you can draw it how you normally write it.

If we follow the guide, we will create the bubble performance around it. Whether you draw this direction or not, we can pull the first few lines of your letter.

Earlier, we talked about how this letter looks like two V letters, and we will draw the V on the left side first. We draw a small V shape with curls on top to do this.

The reference image shows you how it should look, so replicate it as closely as possible. Then we can carry on to the next stage, complementing the design.

Step 2

Next, we draw the left side of the V shape that we started in the previous step. The next line may look simple but can be more complicated than you think!

It’s easy to accidentally curl your hand when drawing a longer line, which can be even more likely when you’re in a hurry.

As you extend the line we started in the previous step, try to slow it as it curves slightly downwards. At the base, it curves slightly to the right.

We can now see half of the W taking shape, but we still have a long way to go! We can move on to the following step if you are happy with this step.

Step 3

In this third step of the guide, we will finish most of the V on the left side of your letter W bubble and start with the one on the right.

We’ll create a gradually increasing slope where the line ended in the previous step. Around the middle of the letter, it tilts back down sharply.

This will go down until you hit the base of the letter, and then it will curve again. We can now see the beginning of the formation of the second V, approaching a complete outline.

We’ll finish the pattern in the next step, so go ahead and do it as soon as you’re ready!

Step 4

As mentioned in the previous step, this is where we finish the outline of the W. This is done by drawing the rest of the second V we started with in the previous step.

The line to the far right of the letter rises a little more before beginning a small curve. Then it falls back toward the centre.

Eventually, it will rise from that midpoint until it reaches the other line. Your outline for the letter is now complete!

Breaking up a design into smaller steps means you can’t make some points where the lines meet as smoothly as possible, so you can refine each point before proceeding.

Also, now would be a good time to erase any pencil lines you drew to guide your drawing.

They were mostly there for the side dish so that we won’t need them again. The guide’s next step is adding internal details to the drawing, so let’s move on.

Step 5

Your W design looks very nice, but something needs to be added. Right now, it looks flat on the page.

We want it to look more like a bubble or balloon, and luckily we have a few ways to do that. The first ones are done in this step, and we will finish the effect in the next.

First, let’s start by drawing some reflective dots on the letters. These can be drawn with some simple little circular shapes at the top tips of the W.

These little shapes make it look like a light shines and reflects off the letter. Next, we’ll add some small thin lines inside the outline.

They go close to the outline and make it look like the letter is filled with air. As you can see, these details are simple but effective!

This is how we decided to draw these details, but you can change them up if you want them to look different.

You could even add some extra details of your own! These can be some fun patterns or other unique details on the letter. Once you’ve added all the details you want, the last step is to add some colours.

Step 6

Earlier, we mentioned a few ways to make your design appear less flat on the page. In step 5, we started with some details and will now do it with paint.

We chose a yellow colour scheme for our example, but it would work no matter what colour you choose. The trick is to use the chosen colour’s light and dark shader.

Darker shades blend into lighter ones, as shown in our reference. The colours are brightest where the highlights are.

Even if you choose a different colour scheme than ours, try to mimic how we applied the colours in our example. These colours make it look even more like a 3D object.

Some artistic mediums like acrylic paint make it easier. If you don’t like the 3D look that much, you can make the colours stronger. Or you can use many different colours instead of just one colour combination!

Your Bubble Letter W Drawing is Finished!

By Travis Mann

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