Instructions On How to Draw A Cartoon Dolphin Easily

Cartoon Dolphin Drawing

How to Draw A Cartoon Dolphin. There are so many amazing animals on our planet, and a huge variety of them live in our oceans. With so much diversity underwater, it cannot be easy to pick a favorite! 

Many people love dolphins because of their high intelligence and big personality.

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We will celebrate this amazing creature as we learn to draw a cartoon dolphin. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need about drawing this beautiful marine mammal and designing your additional details. 

How to Draw A Cartoon Dolphin

Step 1

This guide to drawing a cartoon dolphin starts with the head of this amazing mammal. If you’ve ever seen a dolphin, you know that they have quite a distinctive head shape.

For this first step, you should follow our reference image as closely as possible, as there are some details to show. The top of the head is fairly long and curved, leading to the muzzle.

This muzzle is the most complex head part and is drawn using many smaller curved lines.

There will be a stripe down the center of that snout to give the dolphin its little smile.

The snout is the part that might be the hardest to draw. So go slow and repeat our example as best you can!

Step 2

You have made the head of this cartoon dolphin, and now we can add some facial details along with the beginning of the body. First, add a solid black oval for the dolphin’s eye.

This one has a small white dot for a shimmer in the eye, and then there’s a curved line under the eye for added expression.

Next, use another curved line with a rounded tip for the fin on the dolphin’s back. Finally, add another curved, wavy stripe for the dolphin’s chest.

That’s all for now, so let’s move to step 3!

Step 3

This cute cartoon dolphin is slowly taking shape! This third step of the guide will help you develop the design further.

First, use more curved lines to complete the outline of this dolphin’s body.

As you can see in our example, the dolphin’s back and chest are quite thick and rounded, extending to the dolphin’s thin tail.

Next, finish by drawing a subtle rounded shape on the side of the body for the fin. It’s time for step 4!

Step 4

In the next step of this how to draw a cartoon dolphin tutorial, you’ll add the final details and touch-ups, but first, we need to finish the outline for the body.

First, draw the end of the tail. This one fans out and then fans out again and is drawn with some more curvy lines.

Once the tail is done, add the other fin sticking out on the other side of the body.

If it looks like our reference image, we can finish the final details we mentioned in Step 5!

Step 5

It’s time to add the final details to this cartoon dolphin drawing! This image already looks great, but with the added detail, it will look even better.

These details include the outlines of the tongue and mouth and some other lines on the belly and fins.

Draw A Cartoon Dolphin

After adding the details, we show in this image, feel free to add your own!

It might be fun to draw a background to show what kind of marine environment this dolphin is swimming in.

You could go even further and add even more sea creatures, so get creative and see what happens!

Step 6

For the sixth and final step of this guide, we’re going to finish off this awesome dolphin with some colors!

In our reference image, we have shown you just one of the ways you can color this cute cartoon dolphin.

Cartoon Dolphin Drawing

We used shades of blue and light gray for the dolphin’s body, giving this cute cub a soft look.

Will you use the same colors or try different color combinations?

You can also change the art tools and media you choose to achieve any shades of color you want.

3 Tips to Make your Cartoon Dolphin Drawing Even Better!

Dive these tips for sketching your cartoon dolphin to make it even better!

Tip# 1

This cartoon dolphin drawing we made in this guide shows a dolphin jumping out of the water. It’s a great pose for this cartoon dolphin, but there are other ways to pose him.

For example, you could show him swimming more relaxed or standing still. What other poses could you create for this cartoon dolphin?

If you have many ideas for the poses of this cartoon dolphin, you can use them by drawing some dolphin friends for them. This would make your artwork even cooler too!

Tip# 2

Dolphins often travel in groups, so this would work particularly well. The only question is, how many dolphins do you want to add to the scene?

If you are tired of drawing dolphins, you can add other sea creatures to this cartoon dolphin drawing.

There would be so many to choose from, and you could include all your favorites!

Tip# 3

These include, for example, giant whales, fearsome sharks, or lazy starfish. What other sea creatures could you add to the scene?

Another way to add some life to your artwork is to add a human character or two. 


Dolphins are truly amazing creatures, and we hope you have enjoyed depicting one in this tutorial on drawing a cartoon dolphin!

Drawing animals can be tricky, but we want to show you that it can be easier if you have to follow a few simple steps.

As long as you follow everything we laid out, we know you’ll be done with it in no time!

Then you can have even more fun by adding elements to the mix. We mentioned drawing a background with several sea creatures as an idea, but there are many ways you can complete this image.

When you’re ready to dive into a new drawing guide, we recommend checking out our website for even more fun! We’ll feature many new drawing tutorials and fun activities there, so check back often.

Your Cartoon Dolphin Drawing is Finished!

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