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AlsoJim Corbett National Park in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand is the perfect spot to take in the stunning scenery and the tigers in their natural surroundings. Here is a Corbett National park’s guide to travel as well as stunning images from Corbett National Park. Corbett National Park is part of Project Tiger, a wildlife protection program aimed at conserving and protecting the wildlife populations in the nation. If you’re an avid nature enthusiast, and you love nature, then Jim Corbett is the perfect place to go as you are able to admire the stunning nature, lush flora and fauna and observe the birds and animals in their natural surroundings.

About Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park was found in 1936. It was name Hailey National Park to protect the threatenBengal tiger. It was the first location in which Project Tiger was launch in 1973. This ecotourism spot has 488 species of plants as well as the diversity of wildlife. It covers a space of 520 square kilometres. Corbett National Park is a haven for birdwatchers since it is home to hundred of species of resident and migrants. Corbett National Park is divide into five tourist zone, where visitor can enjoy a nature safari and view the wildlife in their natural surrounding.

Bijrani Safari Zone 

Bijrani Safari Zone is a very well-known tourist area due to its lush open grassland and the abundant flora. It is situated a good distance from Ramnagar and makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations to explore as many of the Resort in Ramnagar close to Bijrani safari zone.

Jhirna Safari Zone is one of the major tourist areas in the Jim Corbett National park located within 16 km of Ramnagar city.It remains the one area that is accessible to tourists all year.

Dhela Safari Zone is a brand new eco-tourism area that was opened in November of 2014. The area covers 521 square kilometres. The Dhela zone is home to the endangered tigers, elephants, bears and leopards. It is situate at an approximate 13 Km distance far from Ramnagar City.

Dhikala Zone is the biggest and most well-known tourist area in Corbett. The 18 km distance from Ramnagar city, it is a perfect spot for a night-time stay for avid animal lovers. It is an extremely recommend area for safaris where you are likely to find tigers, wild elephants, chitals deer, hog deer, and a variety of grassland bird species as well as raptors.

Durga Devi Zone is located just 28 kilometres away from Ramnagar in the north-eastern border to the Jim Corbett National Park. You can experience the stunning natural beauty in the park’s area. It is the ideal area for Elephant Safari enthusiasts. You can see uncommon species like the grey-headed fishing eagle, short-tailed forktail, long-tailed forktail and bar-tailed creeper of trees.

Best time to visit Corbett National Park

It is possible to go to Corbett National Park throughout the season according to its zones. Certain zone, like Jhirna Safari Zone, Sitabani or Sonanadi Zone can be visit anytime during the year. Dhikala Zone and Durgadevi Zone can be visit from 15th November and 15th June, whereas Bijrani Zone is only open between 1st October and 30th June. The park is close during monsoon season as the park’s road are flooded by torrential rain.

How do I reach Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is just 226 Kms away from Delhi, the National Capital Delhi which makes it an ideal weekend getaway for Delhiites. However, visitors from all over India and around the world can access Corbett National Park quickly as it is easily accessible by rail, road and air transportation services. 

Ramnagar is the closest town located to Corbett National Park which is well connect by road to numerous cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Nainital, Ranikhet, Haridwar and Dehradun. It is also possible to use railway transport to reach Corbett National Park, the nearest rail station for Corbett National Park is Ramnagar that is located 12 kilometres away from the Park. At present, there are no services by air to get into the park. Visitors can travel to Delhi Airport by taxi to the park.

Places to See In Corbett National Park

There are numerous spots to visit within and around the Corbett national park. The top one to visit are list below. 

Dhikala Tourism Zone is the most sought-after tourist attraction located in Jim Corbett National Park. It is situate 35km away from Dhangarhi Gate.  possible to admire the natural beauty and wildlife here. It is the most favoured spot of the wildlife enthusiast who lets nighttime visitors stay in nature.

Sitabani Forest Reserve is not part of Corbett Park but a must visit. The park is situate at an approximate 10 km distance away from Ramnagar and is a haven for bird watcher. It offer an excellent opportunity to see the animal that live there, including tigers, wild boars, leopard as well as barking deer, elephants and the king cobra. The area is also connect to the epic Ramayana It is believe that Sitabani is where goddess Sita lived her days in exile.

Corbett Waterfall

Corbett Waterfall is located approximately 25 kilometres away from Ramnagar City. It is a great place to picnic for visitors. It is a great spot to provide a picturesque panorama and clean water. Visitors can swim in the rivers here.

Garjia Devi Temple It is situated in Garjia village which is situated at a 14 km distance from Ramnagar city along the route to Ranikhet. The temple is made of a large rock that is situate in the middle of the river Kosi. It is dedicate to Garjia Devi, and must have been visit by newly couple. Many devotees from all over the nation take a trip to Garjia Devi Temple.

Dhangarhi Museum The Jim Corbett Museum or Jim Corbett Museum is situated in Dhangarhi gate, which is just 20 kilometres away from Ramnagar train station. This museum was establish in memory of the late Mr. Jim Corbett. The skulls of various species of animals, including elephants and tigers inside the glass boxes. It provides details about the topography of the landscape and the wildlife species in the park.

Kosi River is the eastern border and the eastern boundary of Park. It isn’t part of it, the river is part of the National Park but you can observe a variety of wild animals from within the park who come to the river to drink water, especially during the dry times. It’s a wonderful spot to take an ice cold beverage or read a book you love.

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What is the best place to stay in Corbett National Park

There are plenty of luxury and budget-friendly lodging options in the vicinity of Corbett Park You can pick one of them based on your budget and preferences. There are a few budget-friendly accommodations available within the park such as Bijrani forest rest house, Gairal Forest House, Dhikala Forest House to enjoy your stay in nature’s lap.

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