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 Jim Corbett National Park only offers two safaris per morning and afternoon. Prices and times for safaris will vary depending on the type of riding vehicle.

Jeep Safari – Morning safaris are from 5:30 to 9:00 AM and afternoon safaris at 1:30 to 5. It includes Sitabani and Durga Deva in Sitabani, Sitabani (Dhela and Sitabani), Jhirna, Durga Devi and Sitabani.

Indian- 4500/$ per jeep 1 – 6

Foreigners: 8000/- per Jeep 1-6

Elephant Safari: Morning safaris are from 6:30-10:30 am, and afternoon safaris at 1:30-5 pm. This includes areas in reserve forest.

Indian- 3200/- Maximum 4 people allowed in one elephant

3200/- Maximum 4 people allowed in one elephant

Canter Safari Morning Safaris are available from 6:00 AM to 11:30 AM. Afternoon safaris are between 12PM and 5:15 PM. It also includes Dhikala.

Indians: Maximum 16 persons in one canter at 1600

Foreigners 3000/person (maximum 16 persons in one canter).

Book your safari at Jim Corbett National Park online. Book your safari at Jim Corbett National Park online with travel agents best hotels in ramnagar. The same id is to be present at the time of park entry.Canter does not provide a pickup facility so the tourist have to reach up to the point to join the canter Safari charge are non-refundable Canter are only available at certain point at the Park like Ram Nagar or Dhangari Gate, But jeep safari and elephant safari can be hired from different place as well.

Best time to visit the Corbett National Park The weather condition are different according to the season in summer it will hot up to 45 degree and in winter it goes down up to 6 degree. The park can also be affect by heavy monsoon rain. Between October and March is the best time to see wildlife activities in Jim Corbett National Park. Summer is extremely dry and animals will seek shade in the shade.

Ramnagar is only 25 kilometres from Corbett Waterfall. Tourists and nature lovers will love this area for camping or picnicking near natural waterfalls.

Elephant Ride –

This is a great way to experience the safari and take amazing photos of wild animals.

Jungle Safari –

The best way to see this area is to watch the rare royal Bengal Tigers.

Garjiya Devi Temple,

one of the religious areas within this national park dedicated solely to Parvati, is located here. It is located on a hill, and draws many tourists. The temple is home to a large fair on Karthik Poornima.

Corbett museum –

This heritage museum is loved by both historians as well as nature lovers. It can be found at Kaladhungi. It includes maps and paintings as well as basic items used by Jim Corbett, a British naturalist, hunter, and author.

Birjani and Birjani make great spots to spot tigers. This is a great spot to observe tigers. Naturalist and gipsies can also be found here.

Durga Devi Zone –

This area is well-known for its large variety of exotic birds. This area is worth visiting for bird watching as well as its many animal species.

Fishing in Corbett:

You can catch Mahaseer fish at the Ram Ganga or Kosi rivers. You will also find black Mahaseer and silver Mahseer here (Big Fishes).

Kalagarh Dam –

Also known as RamGanga Dam and Kalagarh Dam, the Kalagarh Dam can also be called Kalagarh Dam. It measures 12m high, and 2065 feet in length. This spot is great for finding migratory birds. It also offers tranquil views of dense forests or mountains.

Adventure Activities Near Ram Nagar

Jim Corbett National Park is a popular destination for tourists due to its many adventure activities. There are 8 obstacles, a 200-metre trampoline and trampoline Human Gyro. Sky Cycling and wall rappelling are also possible. Paragliding can also be done. The course has 8 obstacles: balance beams.  Balance beams. Hanging tunnels. Burma Bridges. Block Bridges.

Wall rappelling is a great way to experience the thrill of climbing walls. You can also be fully accompanied. Zip-lining in Corbett Park is a romantic way to enjoy the beauty of Corbett Park’s hills. A taut rope can be use to cross the valley. You can manually move the structure at 50 feet. The structure and seat can be manually move at 50 feet. This gives you the illusion that gravity isn’t working.

These experiences last between 20 and 25 minutes, and they are easily accessible via roads. Ram Nagar has public transport that can be use for these destination. All activities are monitor by security personnel and protect. 

5 Ideal Jim Corbett Exclusive Holiday Packages

  1. Corbett embarks on a one-day safari with a jeep

Tourist are invite to enjoy welcome drink and Night at Wilderness Resort pool. Jim Corbett National Park can be found in the Himalayan foothill. The endanger Royal Bengal Tiger are found in India’s first national park. This national park is boundby the Ramganga River. There are 480 species of fauna and flora in this national park.

  1. Corbett Holiday Tour with 1 Canter Safari

Corbett Holiday Tour also includes one Dhikala safari. This tour is for wildlife lovers. The three-day package includes many activities. Highlight of the package is the second-day canter safari through Dhikala, Jim Corbett National Park. This is the largest of all five.

  1. Corbett Fun Tour with 2 Jeep Safaris

Jim Corbett N Park Resort Packages are the best. These packages will allow you to share an unforgettable experience with your partner, family, or yourself. This Corbett 1 Night, 2 Day Fun Package was creat to provide comfort and entertainment.

  1. Take a Jeep & Canter Safari Tour

The Canter Safari and Jeep Safari are popular in Jim Corbett National Park. It’s available throughout the year. A 16-seat Canter can transport six people. Jim Corbett Safari, the best way to explore this area is by canter. It’s home to an amazing array of plant and animal species.

  1. Canter Safari Luxury Package in Dhikala Zone

Dhikala Canter safari 2 Nights/3 Day with Resort is very affordable. This package includes 2 nights accommodation in a resort with high standards of luxury. All meal include in your Corbett Dhikala Zone stay An evening bonfire will be held at the facility. A movie about wildlife will be shown at the facility.

Jim Corbett National Park offers the best spot to spot Tigers

Bijrani is the spot where you can see the Royal Bengal Tigers of Jim Corbett National Park. Because it is near Ramnagar, wildlife photographers love this spot. Bijrani zone is surround with river plain and open grassland. Bijrani Zone is located in Jim Corbett Park and offers Jeep Safaris to Naturalists.

These are the most common questions about Jim Corbett National Park

Q1. Which animal can be found in Jim Corbett National Park

A1. Jim Corbett National Park is home to many endangered birds and species, including grey mongoose and elephants. This park is home to the special royal Bengal Tiger.

Q2. When is the best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park, India?

  1. Jim Corbett National Park can be visite at any time throughout the year. However, it is best to visit between October and February.

Q4.How many more days does Jim Corbett need to live?

  1. For the Jim Corbett National Park, it takes two nights.

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Q5.Which Jim Corbett National Park safari do you think is best? Morning or evening?

  1. Lucky is the key to spotting tigers or safaris. It is best to go on morning Safaris in order to see the pug marks. After a long sleep, most animals will take a walk to get out and sunbathe.
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