Kinesiology: Definition and Benefits

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Muscle testing is used by Surrey kinesiologists to diagnose where the body is out of whack and, from there, to prescribe therapies that will either aid in the body’s natural recovery or help the patient let go of suppressed emotions. Kinesiology is often misunderstood as just the study of movement.

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of Kinesiology Surrey BC, so you can understand how it may be used in various situations, from weight loss to injury prevention.

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement. To restore harmony to the body and mind, kinesiologists use muscle testing to determine the source of any imbalances. Kinesiologists are trained to aid in various areas, including but not limited to weight loss and injury prevention.

Definition: the branch of medicine concerned with people’s mobility. It examines how our bodies adapt to new environments and how we overcome obstacles that make it difficult for us to move freely, such as injuries. Manual techniques, including joint mobilization, massage, myofascial release, stretching, trigger point dry needling, etc., are also used in kinesiology to treat issues related to injuries and pain.

Kinesiologists, experts in human motion, employ muscle testing to determine where body adjustments are needed, whether for physical or psychological well-being. Kinesiologists can aid with everything from losing weight to avoiding injuries.

Kinesiologists assist patients in recovering their movement after injury. One might perhaps get help with the following: ● Kinesiologists can help you with everything from losing weight to avoiding injuries. ● Strokes and other mishaps may cause temporary paralysis. This is because kinesiology treatment helps injured people regain strength and use their muscles after an injury. It also improves flexibility and range of motion for those who have been in accidents that have caused pain, stiffness, and limited movement throughout the body. ● Kinesiologists are trained to aid in various areas, including but not limited to weight loss and injury prevention.

Benefits of Kinesiology

By integrating the study of muscles with energy healing, the practice of energy kinesiology can alleviate not just stress but also depression, burnout, and difficulties with eating and learning.

Kinesiologists use muscle testing to determine the underlying causes of a patient’s symptoms. Most emotional anguish may be alleviated and physical strength evaluated by a series of basic manipulations of the skin’s surface, such as rubbing and applying pressure to certain places on the skin. Energy kinesiology is most effective when sickness significantly reduces muscular strength, energy, and signals between the brain and muscles.

Kinesiology in Surrey, BC is a practice that has been around for quite some time; it is based on the principle of using massage and pressure on the lymphatic system in conjunction with proper muscular alignment to release stagnation. There is no denying that the treatment’s efficacy makes it a must-have. This treatment helps us feel revitalized and ready for the challenges of modern life by restoring equilibrium to the very foundations that we abuse and take for granted daily.

Our bodies have a natural “fight or flight” response. Because the adrenal glands are overworking and the surroundings are somewhat blocked, the signal is activated even when there is no imminent threat. Hypertonic muscle release and massage help relieve the built- up tension and energy, letting the body unwind, the fluids circulate freely, and the adrenal glands have a vacation. Constantly tense muscles, such as those in the neck and back, are the focus of kinesiology.

Because it gets down to basics, kinesiology may help you in many ways. A kinesiologist can help you find the causes of health problems that conventional medicine can’t fix and then guide your body back to health with gentle exercises and nutritional advice.

There are several benefits, and working with a trained kinesiologist like Smart Motion Physio may unquestionably improve your psychological and emotional health. Like modern medicine, Kinesiology in Surrey, BC, would recommend food counselling to provide general treatment and help patients get the most out of their experience. No qualified kinesiologist would ever tell you to quit seeing your doctor, so be sure your therapist has the right credentials before continuing to work with them.

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