8 Different Types Of Kitchen Countertops, You Can Consider

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Countertops for kitchens play an essential role in every kitchen. Because kitchen countertops are among the most labor-intensive component, and also the primary place for food preparation, and frequently food consumption and guest gathering, we would expect countertops for kitchens to last for a long time, be easy to clean and stain, scratch, and also heat-resistant. In addition to this, we would like our countertops to be attractive, too. This is the reason why selecting the suitable countertop material for your kitchen can be a difficult task.

However, kitchen countertops Tacoma can help you in understanding the different types of countertops and their pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss some of the kitchen countertops.


Marble has been considered among the top and most lavish forms of kitchen countertops for many years. It is a natural stone extracted from the quarry and refined to form slabs that can be used as countertops.

Marble has a timeless beauty and elegant aesthetic. It’s a good thing that it’s the fact that many of the most famous sculptures of the world were made of marble.

Marble is costly to purchase and maintain. It is porous, so it can take on stains quickly, even if you don’t seal it regularly. Also, it is less resistant to scratching than other kinds of stones. If you happen to stain, scratch or chip the marble and need to repair it, the cost of doing it is pretty expensive.


Do you have a vast family, cook lots in the kitchen, or need to ensure you get a long-lasting countertop made to last? Quartz could be the right option for you. You may be shocked that quartz countertops aren’t composed of 100% quartz. Instead, they’re composed of natural quartz and resin binder. The stone is also not porous, extremely durable, and doesn’t require sealing again.

Since they’re manufactured, Quartz countertops are an excellent method to replicate the natural look of granite or marble without worrying about durability.


Do laminate countertops for kitchens need a new appearance? While this type of countertop was gaining popularity before the turn of the century, there remain significant advantages to these countertops.

The most affordable cost is the primary and most convincing reason to think about laminate countertops. Other advantages include ease of maintenance, various design options, and resistance to bacteria.

While the non-porous material will not stain wine or oil spills, it will scratch or burn. Sure, laminate isn’t going to be in a luxury chef’s kitchen. But it’s an excellent choice for people with a tight budget, rental properties, home flips, or second-hand kitchens.


An excellent choice for the majority of homeowners. The classic granite countertop offers a stunning design that increases your kitchen’s worth and the strength of this material. Granite, a natural stone, has been a building material for centuries. Today in most parts of the world, quartz and granite cost roughly the same. Natural granite needs more attention than quartz, manufactured to keep its shine. It can remove stains fast, including wine, oil marks, acid, and soda. The perfect tool for cooking that perfect dish.

Natural Stone

In addition to granite and marble, additional natural stones are available in countertops. These include limestone, quartzite soapstone, travertine slate, lava rock, and other stones.

Natural stone countertops are an attractive high-end option for your kitchen, although they are known to be a bit sexy in caring for their maintenance.


Most natural granite countertops are cleanable using pH-balanced water and mild soap. Many have to be sealed or waxed to avoid moisture from getting trapped within porous surfaces.


Each natural stone will be adorned with its unique color, texture, and veining/pattern that creates a unique work surface. The other differences between types of natural stone are the specific features that could increase their utility, for example, antimicrobial properties, or may require additional maintenance.


Soapstone and slate are available in a broader range of shades than granite. It is generally dark greenish black, and slate is a lighter grey-green stone, but lighter slabs can also be found. Slate Slate is a hard stone in five distinct colors that include red, green, grey, purple, and black. It is also possible to find the mottled purple and variegated slates in purple, with prominent veins and shades of contrast. Both slate and soapstone can be made into sinks that complement the countertop.

Soapstone is porous and must be sealed with mineral oil to minimize staining. On the contrary, slate is not porous and practically maintenance-free. Although slate is a bit soft minor scratches can be cleaned out using steel wool. Slate has a matte, soft sheen. However, it is possible to create a “wet” look by rubbing the slate using lemon oil.


Are you shocked to learn that porcelains are increasing in popularity? It’s becoming a trendy style to use for countertops in kitchens!  You can get them from kitchen countertops in Tacoma. Although it isn’t entirely new, the countertops made of porcelain have seen a significant improvement. Porcelain is durable, beautiful, and requires little maintenance. In contrast to solid surfaces and engineered stone countertops, porcelains are designed for outdoor use.

Ceramic Tiles

Because of its shiny and smooth surface, the Ceramic tile countertop is much easier to wash. It lasts longer and is cheaper than other materials such as natural stone, quartz, and solid surfaces.

There are numerous styles and designs for ceramic tiles. They include ones that appear like leather, wood cork, marble, or wood. There are more designs and choices in the ceramic tile countertop range than in any other countertop collection.

Bottom Line

Perhaps nowhere else in the kitchen can this be more apparent than on the counters. Kitchen countertops can be functional and attractive, provided you pick the suitable material. When there were just some countertops available, homeowners are becoming more imaginative in recent times.

As the kitchen remodeling industry is booming, kitchen design stores provide many different alternatives. People have difficulty deciding on the right countertops because they have too many options and don’t have enough about each one.

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