Lactoferrin. Advantages and properties..

A glycoprotein that is primarily produced by the mammary gland of mammals, lactoferrin, also known as lactoferrin or lactotransferrin, can be found in both human and animal milk. Since it is particularly rich in colostrum compared to mature milk, the following stage of breastfeeding is crucial, especially in the early stages of the baby’s growth.

Lactoferrin consists of 3% sugars such as mannose and fructose, which are structurally very complex as they consist of more than 700 amino acids. Since lactoferrin does not contain lactose in its chemical structure, it can be safely consumed by people who are allergic to this sugar. .

Lactoferrin can be taken by anyone, even if they are allergic to milk proteins: In fact, they are allergic to other proteins such as caseins, beta-lactoglobulin and alpha-lactalbumin.

Different body fluids contain different concentrations of lactoferrin:

  • Colostrum: 5-7 mg/ml;
  • Transition milk: about 3.7 mg/ml;
  • Aged milk: 1-2 mg/ml;
  • Blood: 0.02-1.5 ug/ml;

What are the functions of lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin controls how iron is assimilated from the digestive organs. In addition, they slow down the growth of bacteria and deprive them of nutrients, protecting them from infections caused by viruses, fungi and bacteria. Lactoferrin in breast milk is thought to help protect breastfed babies from infection. It also helps the body make blood cells and fight infection. Clinical studies have shown that lactoferrin is useful in the treatment of anemia due to its ability to improve hematological parameters such as red blood cell count, hemoglobin, total serum iron, ferritin and hematocrit. Lactoferrin is involved in the regulation of iron homeostasis.

According to the latest guidelines, which come from some clinical studies that were carried out as far back as 2011, lattoferrin would have a very effective defense against the coronavirus because it would direct it to attach to the host cell membrane. Lattoferrin prevents the virus from replicating by changing the conditions of the substrate, which are roughly represented by the cells of the host-organism. Despite this, the virus eventually succeeds. This glycoprotein blocks the entry of the embryo to die by denying it nutrition by denying the virus the ability to further adhere to the cell membrane that is modified by its action. As already mentioned, the nasal and oral mucosa is the primary entry point for the coronavirus in the human body. Here the microorganism is able to enter easily.

What are the benefits of lactoferrin?

The primary benefit of lactoferrin is undoubtedly its ability to strengthen immunity. And thereby increase the body’s resistance to harmful germs. Another biological effect is the increased multiplication of intestinal symbionts. Which serve as a protective barrier in the presence of damaged microorganisms. It can therefore be said that this glycoprotein performs a highly selective action. To eliminate pathogenic germs (above all Escherichia Coli and various viral species), while enhancing the production of “good” bacteria.

It is also notable for its antioxidant and radio protective properties. Especially its ability to accelerate cell growth processes and prevent a number of degenerative diseases. This plays a key role in improving the intestinal absorption of ferricyanide in the presence of iron supplements. Which helps in the treatment of sideropenic anemia. If a single intestinal dysbiosis occurs, the addition of lattoferrin. Allows the organism to quickly reproduce the bacterial symbiont after antibiotic treatment.

Lactoferrin supplements

There are many different types of lattoferrin integrators available on the market. These integrators guarantee a dose that is easily achievable with just one latte vaccino (around 200 mg cube). Occasionally, lactoferrin can be found in integrators such as gocce, compresses or lactoferments. All of which contain other activities useful for increasing the natural differences of the organism.

In the case of bacterial or viral infections, iron deficiency (anemia), gastrointestinal problems. And the need to strengthen immunity, a lutein integrator can be effective.

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