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A business degree from a UK institution gives students insight into the planning, management, and operations of a company and is one of the most sought-after courses globally. Students are exposed to a variety of business-related topics, including marketing, human resources, finance, and administration. At a more advanced stage, students might choose to specialize in one of the business disciplines, whereas the first stage offers an overview of the whole business sector. Many UK colleges offer MBA programs, which are the most sought-after business courses. The University of Oxford, the University of Bath, the University of Warwick, and the University of St. Andrews are a few of the best universities in the UK that offer MBA programs.

MBA in the UK is a globally recognized degree with around 28 institutions ranked in the QS Global MBA rankings 2022 among which 11 B-schools ranked in the top 100. One of the accolades held by top B-schools in the UK is the AACSB accreditation which is exclusively offered to 5% of the business schools in the world. With excellent opportunities come huge costs which are feasible when compared to the returns on investment.

Top B Schools in the UK

The United Kingdom comes in second among worldwide educational hubs, with more than 395 universities. The nation not only has a diverse, multicultural population but also enrolls more than 5 lakhs, of foreign students. Making significant contacts that aid in networking is one of the main benefits of studying in this nation for students from all over the world. According to the QS World University Rankings: MBA rankings 2022, below is a comprehensive list of some of the top universities in the UK that provide an MBA 


Universities  Duration  Average Tuition Fee (1 Year)
London Business School 15-21 Months GBP 58,600
Booth School of Business 21 Months GBP 53,493
Said the School of Business, University of Oxford 1 Year  GBP 59,490
University of Cambridge, Judge Business School 1 Year GBP 57,000
Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London 1 Year  GBP 53,500
Warwick Business School, University of Warwick 1 Year  GBP 40,450
Alliance Manchester Business School 15 months  GBP 35,200
University of Edinburgh Business School,  1 Year  GBP 32,500
The Business School CITY, University of London 1 Year  GBP 46,000
Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University 15 months  GBP 39,000
School of Business and Management 1-5 years GBP 20,500
School of Management – Anglia Ruskin University 12 – 20 Months GBP 16,500
Lancaster University Management School 12 months  GBP 33,500
Business School – Coventry University 12 months  GBP 18,950
Cardiff Business School – Cardiff University 12 months  GBP 28,900
University of Strathclyde Business School 12 months  GBP 31,900
Leeds University Business School  12 months  GBP 31,250

Cost of an MBA in the UK

In general, the price of an MBA in the UK will rise as it becomes more popular. International students carefully consider their options before selecting the top business school. Students must manage their funds following criteria in several areas, such as paying application costs and purchasing travel tickets while applying for a UK student visa. Tuition and living costs for the duration of your studies are included in the price when you arrive. All tuition costs that students must pay, as well as the cost of living in the UK up until the course is finished, are included in the price of studying for an MBA in the UK.

The shorter length of UK MBA programs provides a significant advantage over their U.S.-based counterparts, resulting in significantly reduced costs for both educational expenses and housing. The cost of an MBA at one of the country’s top UK institutions can vary considerably depending on which college you select; although, for example, Oxford and Cambridge may charge as much as 45,000 dollars per annum in tuition fees while other universities may be able to accommodate  £10,000 to £15,000.

Focuses, exclusively towards that expense – subject to availability from funding sources such as scholarships and donations though!


Kind of Expense Cost in GBP and INR
Fees for Visa Application 348 GBP
Housing  500 GBP monthly
Transportation  150-200 GBP monthly
Food 150-200 GBP monthly
Clothing and Leisure 50 GBP  monthly
Telephone and Mobile  50 GBP monthly

Scholarship for MBA in the UK

Scholarships are a powerful incentive for ambitious students hailing from worldwide nations who may have been hesitant to accept the idea that an MBA in Britain is beyond their financial reach. UK MBA scholarships are available from numerous organizations and institutions, including top universities and organizations such as the British Government.

Top B-schools offer an extensive range of UK MBA scholarships for Indian applicants – some may be based on merit while others may depend on other criteria such as country of origin or language proficiency requirements. For those seeking financial aid towards their studies in the United Kingdom, this could prove invaluable!

Discover the Top scholarships from the UK that can be utilized to pay for your ideal MBA program! From financial aid packages to grants and bursaries, our search engine has compiled a comprehensive list of opportunities :

  • Brokerfish International Student Scholarship
  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship
  • Chevening Scholarship
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship
  • Tata Trusts Academy Senior Fellowship
  • Global Study Awards
  • Go Clean Scholarship
  • GREAT Scholarships
  • Hornby Scholarship
  • Inlaks Scholarships
  • The Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program
  • The Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  • The Oxford and Cambridge Society of Indian Scholarships
  • University of East Anglia Scholarship


QS World University Rankings: MBA Rankings 2022 provides an exhaustive list of leading UK universities offering MBAs. Below is a comprehensive compilation of some of the top institutions in this field, each providing impressive education opportunities for ambitious students looking to advance their career prospects and reach new heights. It’s never easy to decide to move away from home to pursue your education, but you must do so if you want to pursue your ambition of earning an MBA in the UK. A UK MBA is a long-term career investment. Additionally, a UK MBA will improve your resume and broaden your horizons.

These are some of the best business schools in the UK and they offer a variety of courses that are designed to help you develop your skills as a future business leader. With these top business schools. the nation boasts a cosmopolitan demographic with an eminently diverse group of international students numbering more than 5 lakhs.


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