Home Guide: How to Plan and Build Your Dream House?

Build Your Dream House

Are you planning to build a home? Daydream all you want, but to make that dream possible, take action! Building a home from scratch can be a pretty hectic and overwhelming experience. Your home represents the life you want to lead and reflects those aspirations too.

Planning and building a home is easier if you choose the latest housing schemes like Kings Town in a city like Lahore. The reason is obvious. Buying a plot and then constructing your home in a scheme similar to Kings Town gives you the edge to live in a safe environment. Also, you get the fringe benefits that society offers its residents.

When it comes to planning, start with the following steps to build a dream house.

  1. Start with Location

The planning begins by picking the hotspot you had in your mind for a while. For instance, if plot rates are high in Gulberg or DHA, a developing society is an affordable option. Do the research and identify the latest real estate housing projects useful to convert your dream into a reality.

Besides Kings Town, there are other several options you can opt for. So once you pick a location, decide the plot size you want. Of course, it will affect your decision on how soon you can actually start and complete the construction.

  1. Pick A Professional Builder

The second key to your plan should consist of choosing a builder. These are the contractors who ensure the house construction experience is not a nightmare for you. You should not choose someone who comes first in your view. Take your time, do the research and shortlist the candidates you see fit according to the budget and expertise.

With the help of the internet, or through referrals, you can find an experienced builder. Also, ask for their portfolio to make sure they are a suitable option for your home construction.

  1. Buy Home Insurance

Most people in Pakistan neglect this step. Remember, even building a home on a 5 Marla plot requires a huge investment. With time the constructed architecture can and will depreciate. To avoid a financial loss because of any uncalled damages, get home insurance.

Insurance covers all third-party liabilities including curtains, cutlery, electrical appliances, etc. but it does not cover the cost of land or cost of construction. Choose an insurance company that offers flexible policies and is affordable too.

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  1. Set Your Budget

Financing a home requires proper strategic planning. It includes the loan and using your personal savings to make it all possible. You have already secured a plot, let’s say in a housing scheme, but beyond that, you still need the money to start the construction.

Securing money for construction can take a while if getting your loan approval is taking more time than expected. You can also opt for government-initiated schemes like Akhuwat Foundation to speed up the loan approval process up to 10 million.

  1. Consider Home Features

Once the budget is set, decide the type of features that are a must-have for your home. Do you want a 3-bedroom or a 2-bedroom? Do you want a dirty kitchen too? Is there space to add a small but cozy home office too?

Consider such features in mind on the basis of your priority. For instance, if you do a remote job, a proper spacious home office will be more important for you. Draw the ideas that best meet your needs.

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  1. Find the Right Designer

Home designers are not expensive contrary to popular belief. You can find it on an affordable budget too. A local designer (online) can help choose the right interior for your home, and sometimes the construction companies also offer home designer services too.

Finding an independent architect can take time too, again real estate services also offer consultations in this regard. That way, a client can be offered any discount for an overall package.


Home building is every person’s desire. The road to building the dream house may sometimes not be as easy as expected. But plan it wisely, and smartly and you will reach halfway there before you even realize it. With this blog, you can take care of any nuisances you didn’t think about before. So start planning and put any suggestions in the comment below we can put to good use!

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