Should We Switch to 4 Day School Week? Pros & Cons

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The pros to switching to a 4 day school week:

  • More time for each student to focus on their academics and develop more skills
  • More time for students to get involved in extracurricular activities and participate in more community service projects.
  • It would be more difficult for parents who work Monday through Friday, especially if they have jobs that need them to be away from home during the weekends. More it would be easy for student to spend the whole 4 day week in one uniform like St Peter’s CE primary school uniform.
  • Some parents may not be able to afford daycare for their children when they are at work during the weekdays.
  • Students will be able to get more sleep, which means that they will be more alert in class.
  • They will be able to spend more time on homework and other activities that require concentration.
  • Students will have more time to work on extracurricular activities.


  1. Better management of students’ time, with more time to do homework and personal projects
  2. More learning opportunities in the classroom since there are more days per week
  3. They will get more family time on the weekends (especially if parents work full-time)
  4. Fewer traffic jams on Fridays, since fewer people will be driving children to school


  1. The school year will be shorter, so students will not be able to take as many classes or get as much experience as they would with a 5 day school week.
  2. It is possible that some students may have trouble adjusting their sleeping patterns if they are used to sleeping for longer periods of time every night.
  3. Loss of learning time for students
  4. More time off school means more time to get into trouble
  5. Less time on the field or court would mean less physical activity

Students will be able to learn more because they’ll have more time to practice and ask questions. Teachers will be able to teach more because students won’t be bored or distracted by their friends.

It’ll be easier for parents, who will only have to take care of their kids for four days instead of five! And when those days are over, they can go back to work without worrying about whether the kids are getting enough attention.

Kids might not go outside as much on their own time, which could mean less exercise and fresh air. (Though we do have gym class and recess.) Kids might have too much time on their hands without any supervision, so it’s possible that some would get into trouble or start getting into trouble with drugs or alcohol (which is already a problem).

What will be the pros and cons of 4 days school week?

It will give students more time to spend with their families.

  • It will reduce traffic congestion as fewer students will be travelling to school every day.
  • Less strain on teachers as they will not have to teach longer hours and can spend more time preparing for lessons.
  • Less workload on teachers as they won’t have to do extra work like grading papers and taking tests.
  • Students can get more sleep which can improve their overall health.
  • Students can use the extra time outside of school to pursue hobbies or explore career interests.

Parents may have trouble finding child care during the weeknights when most people are working full-time jobs, which could affect how much money they make if they don’t have any other adults in their household who are available during those times to watch over their kids while they’re at work (which could lead them into debt).

Some parents may feel like it’s too much responsibility for them to take care of their children all day long without any help from an adult; some parents might even feel like this would put too much stress on

The pros and cons of the four-day school week have been debated for decades. To help you make decisions about whether or not you’re ready to switch, we’ve compiled a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the four-day school week.

Plus points

  1. Students will be able to spend more time with their families.
  2. Teachers will have more time for professional development, which means better-prepared lessons for students.
  3. More family time means more family bonding time, which can lead to stronger relationships between parents. And their children as well as an increased appreciation for family values like hard work and patience. Which can improve morale at home and in the workplace.
  4. Students will get more sleep—at least 15% more than they do now! This means they’ll be less likely to get sick and miss school (and you won’t have to worry about your kids being contagious anymore).
  5. Increased family time means happier families overall, which leads to happier people who are less likely to commit crimes or engage in other destructive behaviors such as substance abuse or violence against others (or themselves). In other words? Less stress on everyone involved!

The idea of a 4 day school week has been gaining popularity in recent years. Proponents hope that it will help students save money, improve their health, and improve their grades.

The discussion about whether or not we should switch to a four-day school week is one that has been raging for years. There are those who feel that it would be better for students and teachers alike. But there are also those who are staunchly opposed to the idea.


On the pro side, there are several benefits to a four-day school week. For one thing, it would help children and teens get more sleep. According to studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 15% of high school students report getting less than seven hours of sleep on weekdays, while 35% get less than eight hours.

There’s also evidence that kids who get enough sleep perform better academically than those who don’t—and that getting more sleep leads to higher grades. And then there’s the fact that people don’t want their kids driving long distances in rush hour traffic (or worse yet, walking) in order to get to school. Plus, many parents struggle with finding childcare for just four days per week instead of five.

The debate around the merits of a four-day school week has been raging for years. On one side are teachers and parents who argue that it would be a disaster, while on the other are students who say they’d love to have an extra day off.

By Travis Mann

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