Some amazing wooden bed designs that will last for years

wooden bed designs

A wooden bed is a light bed that is made out of no other material than just solid wood. This pure wood is then polished to give it a smooth and shiny finish. Normal wooden beds are durable, strong, and every green. They can last for years without causing any problem.

Things you should keep in mind before selecting wooden bed designs

Whenever you plan to buy a new light wood bed, you should consider the following things.

  • You should select the best quality wood that is up to the mark and is not cheap.
  • You should consider the durability and longevity of the bed.
  • And You should take care of all the dimensions of the bed so that it can easily fit in your room and can accommodate the number of members you are looking for.

Advantages of wooden beds

Advantages of wooden beds
Advantages of wooden beds

Wood has been with humans for a long time and it is one of the most favorite materials for home furniture. When it comes to beds, wood is the first choice that comes to everybody’s mind. The quality of sleep depends upon the quality of your bed. A good wooden bed gives you’re the desired comfort, strength, and the needful aesthetic value to your bedroom. Some of the other advantages of picking up the best wooden beds are-

  • Wooden beds are durable and are easy to maintain as compared to other materials.
  • It looks good and has an amazing soothing vibe.
  • Wood is easy to maintain and clean. It is a precious commodity and will be valuable in the future.
  • The old and rough look has a charm of its own.
  • You can choose from light to dark brown shades of wood so that you can add elegance to your room.
  • A wooden bed has a royal feel and it never goes out of fashion.
  • Wooden beds will always have more worth for your money.
  • The wooden bed frame does not suffer any kind of rusting, corrosion, or any other kind of wear and tear as other materials do.
  • Wooden beds have good resell value than any other kind of bed which makes it easy to sell them off even after using them for years.

Indian households and décor are dominated by wooden furniture, which makes wooden beds an essential part of the furniture. It is a classic pick for the bedroom. These wooden beds are timeless and can be easily handed down to the next generations. You can easily find the best wooden bed designs that are elegant and will suit a modern home.

1. Wooden bed with storage

Wooden bed with storage
Wooden bed with storage

Running strong for ages, a wooden bed that has attached storage boxes is a go-to option for many Indian house décor. The bed is designed to be ergonomic so that along with looking good it keeps you comfortable all through your naps. The four MDF boards support your mattress and allow easy access to the storage compartments.

2. Solid wooden bed designs

Solid wooden bed designs
Solid wooden bed designs

Another one of the most demanded wooden bed designs is the solid wooden bed. This concept looks exquisite and will win over your heart with its designs on both the headboard and the footboard. The headboard has a medium height so that you can easily rest your back without any problems. You can get it done in teak color so that it looks appealing.

3. Platform wooden bed

Platform wooden bed
Platform wooden bed

This design marks an elegant addition to your bedroom. This bed is designed in such a way that it has a slatted headboard and can easily accommodate a broad mattress.

4. Queen wooden bed design

Queen wooden bed design
Queen wooden bed design

This is a classic wood bed that has a very simple yet effective design. The main design pattern here consists of solid wood, a lengthy headboard, a smaller footboard, and a long rest board. This bed also has storage options where you can easily keep your personal things. The finish and material used to make this bed are top-notch and the cost of this bed is totally worth your hard-earned money.

 5. Wooden king-size bed

Wooden king-size bed
Wooden king-size bed

Again a basic yet functional wooden bed is done using the finest quality of wood. This bed is crafted with a minimalistic design that can easily go with all kinds of décor themes. You can even assemble this contemporary wooden bed yourself.

6. Simple wooden bed design

If you are someone who likes to go for simple and sober things, then this wooden bed is a must-pick for you. This design can easily fit into any compact space/bedroom. The quality of the wood used to design this bed is fine and can even withstand all kinds of everyday wear and tear. If you choose the honey oak finish of the wood for this bed design then it will have a charm of its own.

7. Brown wooden bed design

Brown wooden bed design
Brown wooden bed design

As the name suggests, this bed design has a proper brown wooden shade. This striking-looking bed has natural wooden lines and prints on it. This wooden bed has a retro look and it brings exceptional value for money if you purchase it.

8. Low height wooden bed

Low height wooden bed
Low height wooden bed

This walnut finish bed has a low height and it comes with two bedside tables. This is a simple and elegant bed design that is all set to complete the look of your modern room. This bed will fit well with any kind of furniture style and looks perfect in any Indian household.

There is an abundance of wooden bed designs but you need to be smart so that you can pick up the best design. You should also make sure that the quality of the bed is good and the price you are paying for your bed is satisfactory. Always go for good quality and functional designs so that you will have greater resale value later on.  Also, remember that a bed design that might look good in someone else’s house might not look good in your space. So, make a wise decision and don’t just look for the design. Consider the functional aspect of the bed as well.

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