Top 10 ClickMeeting Alternatives Of 2022

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With the advancement in technology and the greater reach of the internet to a large section of society, the need for online communication has risen along with the platforms or software offering online conferencing services. ClickMeeting is one such online platform that caters to the need for video conferencing or you can say online meetings. Along with ClickMeeting, there are many other online platforms available in the market which you can explore. If you want to explore other online platforms also, then stop here.

 In this blog, we have outlined many other online platforms you can select one of them according to your need. So let’s start the blog.

Mixhubb: Mixhubb is one of the most trustable and reliable online meeting platforms that enables users to deliver compelling, lifelike online conferences. Mixhubb is an easily accessible platform where anyone can host online conferences within a few minutes. With its infinite scalable opportunities, users can host meetings of any size. It offers quick registration management for users allowing users to register from their social media accounts. 

Mixhubb is a customizable platform, users can easily create, design, and modify the landing page for the event. Even users can customize the event and virtual lobby. 

Mixhubb is also known as a self-manageable platform, allowing users to manage their whole event from beginning to end by themselves. Mixhubb also offers some advanced features like real-time analytics, email and remainder automation, networking tables, and attendee engagement tools. Public chat rooms help remove fatigue during online conferences. 

Live chats, Backstage, Feedback form, Attendees’ profile setup, group chats, 1:1 chat, multiple stages, screen sharing, etc are some other features of Mixhubb.

All above that, Mixhubb, is the most economical online platform where you can host budget-friendly virtual events and virtual team-building activities. 


Airmeet is an online platform where users can host a variety of online events. On Airmeet you can host online meetings, training, demos, online workshops, networking events, and hybrid events. Airmeet lets you customize the whole event according to the theme of the event and you can also create a personalized reception area of a virtual venue. With Airmeet users can create customized registration along with the ticketing rules. 

Other features that make Airmeet stand out from other online platforms include pre-recorded sessions, live presentations, private backstage, host and co-host management, and engagement tools like chat, polls, and Q&A. Attendees also have the option of downloading the collateral. 


Livestorm is the perfect solution for online conferencing, it is a web-based online platform that also caters to compelling webinars. Livestorm is a multi-device and multi-browser-compatible platform. Some of the interesting features of Livestorm include ,application sharing, chats, private text messages, whiteboard, recording and playback capacities, and application integration. 


This is a comprehensive online platform that caters to webcast services. It is a cloud-based platform where you can reach 5000 attendees in a single presentation. If you have a vast audience reach, then this platform also enables you to host a webinar with multi-presenters. WebinarJam offers high-quality audio videos which can successfully transform your boring online gathering into a silky smooth webinar full of interactions. Other features include Reminders, live chat, polls, voting, screen sharing, email marketing, Q&A, and social sharing. Apart from that, WebinarJam also offers on-demand webinars


Zoom is a cloud-based online conferencing platform for unlimited, exclusive, and interactive conferences. Within a couple of minutes, you can instantly conduct an online meeting on this platform where attendees can also share their screens to have more interactive sessions. This is an online platform where you can host an unlimited number of online conferences and webinars at no cost. It also offers a whiteboard to make handy online notes. Zoom also has advanced features like user management, interoperability, custom meeting IDs for attendees, and phone support management. On Zoom, you can hold online conferences or meetings for only 100 attendees only.


BlueJeans is a browser-based online platform that delivers an unparalleled experience of online audio and video conferencing. On this online platform, you can completely customize the background of online meetings according to your choice. Users can also blur their virtual background and can add a personalized image to remove the unnecessary distractions.

 BlueJeans also provide the recording option to their users. It offers a multi-language supporter, ensuring safe and secure online conferences. 

eZ Talk Meetings:

The next online platform on our list is eZ Talks, which is a robust online platform that helps you to manage teamwork effectively. This online platform offers several features and functionalities to make online conferencing easy and smooth. It gives you the option to have cross-platform text chats or you can have public and private chats. The online whiteboard allows attendees to make quick notes from the content of the conference and also you can draw and erase and do many more things with whiteboards. Other features offered by EZ Talks include screen sharing and an event scheduler.


This is another online platform where you can host all types of online events, online conferences, and hybrid events. BigMarker provides a powerful platform to create, generate and analyze actionable data for your online events. It has several features that can make your event stand out from the crowd. Its features include event analytics, attendees’ reports, branding, recording of the event, live chats, polls, surveys, etc. BigMarker integrates with social media platforms allowing you to broadcast your event there.  

Zoho Meeting:

This is the next browser-based easy-to-use online meeting platform on our list. This enhances the remote collaborating experience with its highly secure software. It perfectly serves the communication requirement of small businesses or large enterprises. It offers many interactive features like screen sharing for collaborations and learning. Along with this, it also records and shares web meetings.

On 24: 

This is the last platform on our list, delivers an exceptional webinar and immersive online conference that drives engagement. On24 enables users to have personalized landing pages and several engagement features. It offers features like Easy Registration for attendees, branding of events, recording of events, Polls, Surveys, Event Analytics, etc.

So, that’s all for this blog, you can use the above stated information while selecting an online platform for hosting the online conference. 


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