Top 20 Franchise Businesses in India (2022)

best franchise business in India

Franchise business is trending in India. As per business experts, 30-35% of growth is observed in the franchise business sector within the short span of 5 years. The reason is simple- low risk of failure and high scope of profit. Franchise businesses make it comparatively easy for people to enter the sphere of business. For fresh entrepreneurs franchise business is a great way to build their paths in the business sector.

However, many of you think that getting a franchise business means spending millions. You would be happy to hear that you are wrong! Anyone can begin their franchise business without burning a deep hole in their pocket. Recently, companies have realized the benefit of the franchise business model, hence many reputed brands consider the business strategy ideal to become sustainable businesses.

1. Tea Time Franchise

Investment: Rs. 4-5 lakhs
Floor space: 100 sq ft

Want to do a business that is easy to start and guarantees high profit with low risks? Looking for an affordable business franchise? Then Tea Time is the ideal business franchise for you. It is the largest teashop brand in India and continues to expand across the nation. The vision of the founder, Uday Srinivas Tangella is to disrupt and transform the lower end of the tea industry and empower the common people of India.

The best part of the franchise, anybody can easily start and run the tea franchise. If you have the desire to have your own business and possess a basic knowledge of tea-making then you are good to go! The company has established 3000+ outlets and is thriving. Tea Time offers franchise business throughout India so choose your preferred place and start brewing. Also, the wide collection of beverages targets customers from all circles of life. Tea is a widely consumed and beloved beverage for Indians, so demand for filled cups will not cease any time soon!

Some of the best teas of Tea Time are:

  • Dum Chai
  • Kullad Tea
  • Ginger Lemon Tea
  • Masala Chai

2. Domino’s

Investment: Rs. 50 lakhs

Do you love the idea of running your own pizza business but still trying to muster the courage to act on it? Well, Domino’s Pizza franchise is an excellent option for you. The global brand name will give you the leverage of brand promotion and ensure footfall from the start. The company’s flexible options for dine-in, delivery, and takeaway services have attracted customers. Moreover, the large options of pizza along with coupons continue to tempt customers to come ensuring good business.

3. KFC Franchise

Investment: Rs. 1 Crore

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a reputed brand that serves over 12mn people every day in approximately 115 nations. It is the largest QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) chain globally. At present, India alone has more than 335 restaurant outlets of KFC.

4. Subway Franchise

Investment- Rs. 50 Lakhs-1 Crore

The American fast-food franchise focuses on healthy eating. It chiefly sandwiches and submarine sandwiches. At present, the company is the 2nd largest QSR chain globally. In India, more than 37,540 outlets are present and more than 500 franchise outlets exist across 68 cities.

5. Pizza Hut

Investment: Rs. 40-60Lakhs
Floor space: 1000 sq

Pizza Hut offers varieties of pizzas along with other items, like slides, wings, calzones, and drinks. The globally known brand has 422 outlets in India.

6. Amul Ice Cream Franchise

Investment: Rs. 6 Lakhs
Floor space: 150-300 sq ft

Since 1946 the brand has come a long way. It has diversified its franchise business options. You can invest in Amul Kiosk or an ice cream parlour franchise. The latter is more affordable for an initial start to getting into the business.

7. Bubbles Franchise

Investment: Rs. 15-16 Lakhs
Floor space: 400-500 sq ft

Dr Bubbles is a popular tea business based in Mumbai. Bubble Tea is a favourite among people and the different toppings served. The food franchise willingly gives the scope to open up a franchise in different parts of India like West Bengal, UP< Delhi, Tamil, and many more.

8. Tibbs Frankie Franchise

Investment: Rs. 5-12 Lakhs
Floor space: 70-150 sq ft

If you are thinking of a reasonable and feasible food franchise then Tibbs Frankie is amazing. It has the name for serving quality food products. The brand runs in 15 cities and operates over 300 food stores.

9. Chick Blast Franchise

Investment: Rs. 5-10 Lakhs
Floor space: 100-1500 sq ft

Fried and grilled fish and chicken are the best here along with wraps, pasta, pizza, and bowls. Shakers, desserts, and Hyderabadi biryani are other food items. The brand focuses on taste and quality and offers franchise business throughout the country.

10. Mozart Franchise

Investment: Rs. 50 Lakhs- 1 Crore
Floor space: 50-150 sqm

A quick service brand that offers popular Delhi food items like momos. It chiefly serves Delhi but has earned people’s trust and goodwill for diverse policies.

11. Kathi Junction

Investment: Rs. 5-10 Lakhs
Floor space: 20 sq ft

Kathi Junction is a renowned and established brand in India. From its beginning till the present the brand is well-liked by people. It is a beneficial and fruitful business. The brand has several outlets that encompass 16 states in India.

12. The Juice Art

Investment: Rs. 10-20 Lakhs
Floor space: 100-150 sq ft

The dessert and juice parlour brand provides good business scope and has prominence in Delhi NCR. At present, the company is providing franchise scopes in numerous locations that include Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Odisha, Bihar, and many more.

13. Stark Bistro

Investment: Rs. 5-10 Lakhs
Floor space: 100-5000 sq ft

The coffee shop brand offers some delicious and wholesome beverages and food items. At present, the company is offering franchise business to several locations that include Kerala, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and so on.

14. Gelato Vinto

Investment: Rs. 5-10 Lakhs
Floor space: 50-300 sq ft

The brand specialises in offering 100% vegetarian and authentic frozen desserts and is willing to increase its presence across the country. So, grab the opportunity to start your own natural dessert business.

15. Shakes and Cream

Investment: Rs. 20-30 Lakhs
Floor space: 100-250 sq ft

Shakes and Cream provide a luxury dessert-eating experience. It makes shakes with fresh milk. Handpicked and handmade flavours are present with less sugar that attracts diet-conscious and health-conscious customers. Currently, the brand offers franchises to places like Tamil Nady, Rajasthan, West Bengal, UP, Gujarat, etc.

16. The Rolling Stove

Investment: Rs. 10-20 Lakhs
Floor space: 250-3500 sq ft

The food truck business has been trending in recent times. The Rolling Stove is a thriving food truck brand that provides food truck franchise options to individuals in India. The Jodhpur origin primarily sells Italian food items. The brand is offering franchise business scopes in many states that include UP, Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Kerala and Union Territories.

17. Taco Bell

Investment: Rs. 3 Crore

The American fast-food brand has gradually attracted Indian consumers. The company’s strong global presence in more than 17 nations along with India makes its franchise business option enticing.

18. The Momos Company

Investment- Rs. 5-10 Lakhs

Tibetan delicacies and momos make the menu. The brand has over 250 momo variations. The company provides movable carts with Wi-Fi and LED TVs. Franchise business is obtainable in multiple places that include Gujarat Jharkhand, Delhi, Punjab, and Union Territories.

19. Smoke n Grill

Investment: Rs. 10-30K

The brand serves BBQ-style food options and promises fresh ingredients and meat products. The franchise business is reasonable for entrepreneurs willing to do business in the food sector. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana are the locations for franchises.

20. Cocoberry

Investment: Rs. 10-20 Lakhs
Floor space: 150-400 sq ft

It is a well-known brand that serves frozen yoghurt. The objective of the brand is to provide a healthy substitute for ice cream. Along with it the brand also has healthy herbal beverages and gluten-free food items.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on and choose your best franchise business in India.

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