Top 6 Romantic Getaways in Florida in 2023

If you’ve been able to save money on gifts this season, Why not use it to give yourself and your beloved partner romantic trips in the Sunshine State? The state’s unique mix of idyllic islands, vibrant coral reefs, lush tropical gardens, bustling cities, and powdery white sandy beaches. In addition to that, everything is excellent weather throughout the year. It’s a great place for the perfect romantic getaway or an unforgettable honeymoon. With all of Florida’s amenities, choosing the best place to enjoy a romantic time with your beloved can be challenging. We’ve researched and narrowed your choices to the most romantic destinations in Florida.

Tips for romantic escapes to Florida that couples will enjoy

According to authors of Bizztechinfo, there’s more to Florida than themed parks, water parks, vibrant cities, and beautiful beaches. Although there are many locations for a fantastic family day excursion in Florida or a memorable excursion with friends and family, it’s also a great place to spend time with your loved ones. Sunshine State also offers plenty of romantic places that lovers can enjoy. They offer a combination of natural beauty and many options to have fun offered, the beach and spas, as well as five-star hotels and delicious restaurants. Before we share the best romantic getaways to Florida, We want to stress the importance of being safe while traveling. This refers not only to you and your partner but also to the things you’re leaving behind. A great approach to accomplish this is to take the words of wisdom from an experienced team from City Movers and lease an air-conditioned, secure storage facility until you can place your most valuable belongings there. So you’ll be able to take advantage of your Florida vacation without worrying about your belonging’s security at home.


St. Augustine is a city that is full of romance. If you and your partner are interested in history, you don’t need to look further than this charming spot. You can enjoy an intimate dinner at one of the many excellent restaurants in town. Explore the charming old town. You can also spend time together in the beautiful forests and parks. You and your partner could take a carriage drawn by horses to tour around town or go on an excursion on a private sail. Be sure to visit through the St. Augustine love trees and take in the stunning sunset from Washington Oaks Garden State Park. Include a bottle of the most exquisite red wine to the mix, and you’ll be on the most romantic evening you’ve ever had.

Key West

Key West might not be the first thought that pops into your thoughts when you think of Florida or romance. But sunset cruises that offer stunning coral reefs, lush gardens, beaches, and relaxing moments at Five-star hotels don’t say that. If you and your partner are looking for adventure, Key West is also one of the most popular spots for diving in Florida. It’s a great place for the perfect romantic getaway or an unforgettable honeymoon. With all of Florida’s amenities, choosing the best place to enjoy a romantic time with your beloved can be challenging.

Santa Rosa beach

Santa Rosa Beach, located on Florida’s enchanting Emerald Coast, is known for its white sand beaches and endless coconut palm groves. Couples looking for adventure could benefit from visiting one of the 15,000 acres of Point Washington State Forest, home to various native species of plants and wildlife. Make sure you take a day excursion for a visit to Grayton Beach State Park, often voted as one of the United States’ most beautiful beaches.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is one of the few spots in Florida where you can truly unwind. It’s also a favorite destination for couples due to its peaceful environment and easy access. It’s 25 miles south of Fort Myers on Florida’s Gulf Coast. You could do plenty on Sanibel Island, such as shopping on Periwinkle Way or observing birds at the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge. But, the majority of people visit Sanibel Island to relax on the beautiful beaches on the island. The shell collectors flock to Turner Beach and Blind Pass Beach. In contrast, people interested in wildlife are attracted to the beaches near Sanibel Island Lighthouse. Sanibel Island Lighthouse. The Sanibel Island area is famous for its inns, cottages, and resorts on the coast. So there is the perfect option no matter the style you prefer for a couple or budget.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island is the place to visit if you want to relax in a picturesque location. It is beautiful, with a long stretch of sandy beaches, abundant wildlife, and stunning scenic views. But, on the other hand, the area is full of luxurious hotels, making it ideal if you desire to pamper yourself. You can choose from enjoying the spa, sipping champagne on your personal space’s balcony, or relaxing by the pool outside. American Beach and Peters Point are among the top beach spots on the island. Walking around Fort Clinch State Park will provide a glimpse of the natural beauty of Amelia Island. Couples seeking a romantic getaway on Amelia Island can also take an excursion on the river that takes them around to the Cumberland Island National Seashore. There’s even the chance of seeing manatees, dolphins, sea otters, wild horses, and alligators.

Pete beach

St. Pete Beach is an ideal spot for lovers who want to soak up some sunshine, stroll along the sand, or dance the night away. It’s regarded to be one of the most romantic weekends in Florida. If you are hungry after all your walking, you should stop at one of the many excellent seafood eateries. This Florida location, under St. Petersburg Beach and Redington Shores, is recognized for its gorgeous beaches and closeness to historical landmarks such as Fort De Soto Park. Just a few minutes of driving around Saint Petersburg will reveal historic structures, adding an element of mystery, intrigue, and mystery to your romantic getaway.
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