What Should I do If I Bought a Used Car with Problems?

What Should I do If I Bought a Used Car with Problems

There are numerous aspects to take into consideration when purchasing an used vehicle. One of the most important concerns is what to do in the event that you spot an issue with a previously owned vehicle. It’s sometimes difficult to determine what you should do when you spot a problem in an old car. It can be difficult to know the car is having issues or not.

In this article, we’ll look at the reasons to buy an older car that isn’t working and how you can claim your money back in the event that the vehicle turns out be an absolute lemon.

How Much Will it Cost to Pay for a Lemon Law Lawyer?

The lemon laws are typically created to shield the owners of vehicles from defects purchased by a manufacturer’s original warranty. If the problem took place while the car was still under the car manufacturer’s warranty and purchased at a retail price, this is definitely the situation in California. If you’re one of the unfortunate owners of a car that was defective the laws may help you avoid unexpected expenses and inconveniences, but , depending on your situation could also allow you to an immediate buyback of your vehicle.

However, those who purchase an older vehicle are also financing itand, in the end, remain in a loan for a vehicle once they’ve signed the sale contract. They have to continue making payments on a vehicle with significant issues. In most instances that burden rests on the buyer of the vehicle used to prove they purchased a vehicle that is defective because the law states that an used car is purchased after the presumption period statutory of 18000 miles or 18 month.

So, what do to do in the event that you think that you purchased a pre-owned car that has issues?

It’s not just a matter of Convenience, but it’s also a matter of safety.

Problems with used cars may range from minor mechanical problems to ones which are dangerous enough to could put your life in danger.

Human beings are susceptible to make mistakes, and as such automobile makers will have mistakes when designing and manufacturing of their cars.

These flaws in automobile production are, naturally not always deliberate and aren’t intended to harm the consumers. In the end, car makers are in business to remain. In general, car manufacturers take good faith steps to correct the issue, particularly when the vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty originally issued to the car.

However, in certain instances dealers, manufacturers, or both, are able to fool the customer by concealing the existence of a long list of issues with a vehicle. For instance, this VW Diesel gate debacle of 2008.

Lemon Laws for Used Cars

A number of states have passed laws to tackle the issue of damaged, used vehicles. California’s lemon law is a security to those buying used cars under certain conditions.

It is important to note that the California lemon law has specific conditions for consumers who wish to file a claim under the lemon law whether it’s for a brand-new or used vehicle. There are three most important ones.1) That the issue was discovered during the original warranty, or the extended warranty for pre-owned vehicles, 2) that the vehicle was purchased from a retailer and 3) it is the case that the seller has tried to fix the car at least a reasonable number of times. If the issue persists after a reasonable number efforts, then the maker will have to offer the customer with a replacement or refund of the amount of the car and the down payment, as well as any installments made up until date, and pay off the loan balance of the vehicle and compensate the buyer for any consequential and incidental damage if the consumer wins.

Laws For Defective Cars

Additionally, the federal government offers an amount of protection with respect to lemon laws in the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. Consumers can avail themselves of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). In California the protection provided under the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and its related statutes provides an additional remedy for the consumer than Magnuson Moss Warranty Act or the UCC due to the expansive structure of these statutes.

What Can You do if Your Used Car is a Lemon

If you think you purchased a lemon used and the seller doesn’t make any progress, taking these steps can aid in building a solid case.

Check first the car’s warranty to see whether the car is covered by the original warranty.

Use car reports like Carfax or AutoCheck to see the history of the vehicle.

You should take your car in to an inspection or repair at a certified car repair facility. For instance, if you purchased a Toyota which is still covered under the original warranty for your car then you must bring it to an authorized Toyota facility. If you are required, consult an expert in car inspections who is specialized in lemon law, examine your vehicle.

There’s always a possibility that the problem is structural, mechanical or a combination of both. If you’ve had previous repair and service, make sure that you keep all of your documents neatly organized. This includes invoices, repair orders for work as well as any other documents that pertains to maintenance and repairs. It is important to inform the repair shop about any problems you’re having regarding your automobile. After you have received the repair request, read it to determine whether repair facilities have written in the repair request the issue the vehicle is experiencing.

Check for Prior Accidents

Find out more information about the car. It is important to determine if it’s salvage title, or if it was involved in any prior incidents or is considered to be to be a lemon. It is possible to do this through CarFax and an independent inspection conducted by a third party car inspector. Learn more about this below.

The Department of Justice National Automobile Title Information System can collect information on the car’s history and give you the details. Additionally, you can ask the dealership to supply you with a few information from these databases. If they’re certain they’re selling you a vehicle that is in good shape and in good condition, they shouldn’t have a reason to should refuse to provide you with this report if it is a way of the sale.

Requesting help from an Lemon Law Lawyer

A good lemon law attorney will help you determine whether you have a valid case, particularly if it’s an issue of security. A lawyer can help your through all the legal procedure to ensure that you don’t need to do it all on your own. Let an expert in lemon law handle the situation.

The Mission Viejo law firm offers free and confidential consultations. If we decide to take the case you have, then you will not liable for any costs we incur. The California Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act covers costs and attorney fees. Find out more information on Luis Aguirre Law by visiting our other profiles online, such as Foursquare as well as the Chamber of Commerce.


It is always better to purchase a used vehicle from a trusted seller instead of purchasing a brand new vehicle at a dealership. If you are looking to buy a used car, an established seller is the best option to purchase a reliable second-hand vehicle.

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