Phenomenal Setup Instructions for the Victony Signal Booster

Victony Signal Booster

The Victony Signal Booster is a dual-band range extender with four external antennas. With the help of its high-range antennas, you get breakthrough connections throughout homes or offices. The wifi range extenders are compatible with most of the routers that are available in the market. Moreover, it has a plug-and-play with a WPS-supported system. Moreover, it supports three modes: router mode, repeater mode, or access point mode. It also offers some great features that the users appreciate most. Additionally, it has smart LED indicators that assist you to find an optimum location for your range extender.

Also, the Victony range extender has one-key encryption that offers browser-based configuration. Also, the victony wifi extender setup is simple and easy. You have multiple options when it comes to encryption and WLAN security. Moreover, it is optimized through WPA and WPA2 encryption. Also, it allows you to position the range extender. With the help of the antennas, you can easily adjust the victony extender that can be adjusted to help you to get the strongest signal connection.

Quick setup instructions for the Victony Signal Booster

The Victony Signal Booster is a smart and powerful range extender. It is a handy device that you can easily install within a minute.  Additionally, it offers you 300 Mbps of speed with impressive range and versatility of the connection options. Moreover, you can also use its powerline adapters to boost the wifi signal throughout the house. Moreover, it allows you to boost the wifi signal strength without bothering the wires and the cable connections. As you know, the Victony has easy setup features and obviously, you are here to read the setup instructions. So without taking too much time let’s commence the setup of the Victony signal booster.

Setup of the Victony wifi range extender

When it comes to value-driven investment then nothing can beat the capability of the Victony wifi booster. It makes the internet connection at your home faster, safer and smoother. However, It provides 1200 Mbps of speed. It is also useful for streaming for a long time, and online gaming as well. Moreover, you can also download whatever you need to install for your entertainment purpose. It works effectively and amazingly. Well, you have two methods to set up the Victony wifi extender. The first method is to use the  WPS connection and the second method is to use the web browser method.

The WPS Victony wifi range extender setup

Prominently, connect the wifi booster to the proper power supply main outlet. Also, make sure to put the range extender closer to the host router. Once the connection is properly established with the router then check for the power LED on the rear panel of the extender. However, find out the WPS button on the range extender and then on the router. Once the button is found, then steadily, push the WPS button of both the wireless devices.

After pressing the button, you will see the green LED on the panel of the extender. After doing this, you still have ten to fifteen seconds to leave the device identifiers to each other. Now let the connection be established successfully. After checking for the connection, the LEDs will turn into solid green. Thus, you have successfully established the connection.

The Web Browser Victony wifi extender setup

So here is the second method is to use the web browser method. First, connect the range extender to the power supply source. In that case, you can keep the range extender anywhere you want to. Thus, wait for the LED indicator to turn on the solid green LED. Now take the range extender near to the computer or the laptop device and open the wifi manager. Under the wifi manager option, simply click on the network extender name ap.setup.

When you first connect to the network then it will show you an unsecured connection. In order to make the connection secure, you need to configure the settings of the wifi booster. Therefore, open up the browser and then head towards the URL. After entering the URL, click on the Enter button. Then you need to complete the login credentials to get into the settings of the Victony extender. Now follow the on-screen prompts to configure the settings.

Final Words

The Victony Signal Booster is a smart and modern generation range extender. You can simply configure the settings of the Victony extender. You just need to complete the setup first. As you know, you have two methods to complete the setup. Just read this whole article to get the detailed information about the Victony extender setup

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