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Virtual Award Show

The Award Show holds great importance for organizations belonging to different industries. It is not only an exceptional way for annual gatherings but also a matchless idea to appreciate, encourage and motivate people. With the prevalence of virtual award shows, hosting memorable events has become easier than ever. However, keeping your attendees engaged is always a task.

Therefore, we have curated the best virtual award show engagement ideas to help you organize an extraordinary event. Read on to explore!

#1 Compelling Virtual Venue

The most preeminent component to host a successful virtual award show is the event venue it’s being hosted in. Engagement plays a vital role in ensuring the success of any virtual event. And, the design of the virtual venue makes a lot of difference. Therefore, design a compelling virtual venue that grabs the attention of your remote attendees and keeps them engaged throughout the event. Also, make sure that your virtual attendees have a seamless user experience at the virtual award show event. 

#2 Captivating Content 

Apart from being a beautiful and enthralling virtual award show venue, the content you present at the virtual venue also plays a major role in engaging your audience. Therefore, create and represent valuable & captivating content at the event venue. Also, you can try to move ahead from the traditional concepts and include multi-format content at the venue. An advanced virtual award show platform provides you with exceptional content like dynamic banners, locomotive content, logos, gifs, documents, presentations, images, videos, etc.

#3 Social Wall

A virtual award show means radiating appreciation, encouragement, and happiness. Also, while attending any event or celebration, people look forward to sharing their experiences on their social media handles. A social wall is an exceptional virtual event platform feature that curates all the social media posts from your remote attendees and presents them over a common wall. A social wall is an engaging tool that you can include in your online award show to encourage your attendees to engage. Further, it also maximizes your events reach.

#4 Photo Booth

Elevate the fun at your virtual award show by adding the engaging element of a virtual photo booth. If your virtual event platform renders excellent branding solutions, you can also add the branding element at your virtual photo booth. People attending any type of event, online or offline, look forward to capturing the moments and sharing them with their friends, family, and colleagues. Therefore, provide your remote attendees with the opportunity to click pictures in branded photo booths that they can directly share with their social media handles.

#5 Bring a Funny Host On Board

Whenever you think about an award show that you vividly remember, we are sure that the hosts will come up in your mind. It is so because hosts are the ones who directly communicate with the attendees. Not just this, but they also manage to captivate your attendees’ attention throughout the event and keep them engaged. Therefore, outsource or bring a funny host on board, so they interact with your attendees and keep them engaged in the event sessions. 

#6 Make Space for Networking Opportunities

People from any industry, be it arts or corporate, look forward to maximizing their reach, generating leads, interacting, and networking with their possible allies. Therefore, make sure you include excellent networking opportunities at the virtual award show. While you can dedicate a fun session to networking like a virtual escape room game, you can also incorporate some networking tools at the virtual venue itself. So, your attendees can choose to indulge in networking opportunities throughout the event. Mentioned below are some of the top networking features available at a virtual event platform:

  • Virtual Networking Lounge
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Chat Rooms
  • Networking Tables
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Multi-Format Communication
  • Group audio, text, and video chat

#7 Include Sponsorships

The aspect of sponsorship efficiently brings more value to your virtual event. Therefore, include valuable sponsorship aspects throughout the event to elevate the value of your online event. You can make use of these aspects in various ways. For example, you can sponsor some awards or even sponsor the meals you provide to your attendees. Usually, sponsors aim to maximize their reach, and by achieving their goal, you can successfully bring more value to your event.

#8 Virtual Meals

Entice your remote attendees with exciting offers and discount coupons on famous outlets. You can also order your virtual attendees meals or snacks, and beverages. This idea will make your attendees feel delighted and encourage them to be a part of the virtual event.

#9 Branded Sessions

By including multiple branded sessions and also branding up the virtual venue. You can elevate the excellence of your virtual award show. The more captivating branded designs you include at the event. The more your remote attendees get a reason to stop, notice, and engage.

#10 Short and Sweet Sessions

Attending an event virtually can lead to your attendees having a tedious virtual event experience. This feeling of remote attendees and participants is known as Zoom or virtual event fatigue. Therefore, to keep your attendees engaged in the event.  Keep the session short and provide them with mini-breaks.  Where they can indulge in other activities or freshen up. 

#11 Gamification

An advanced virtual event platform provides you with countless gamification tools. Also, if there is a specific game that you would like to include in the event.  You can ask your virtual event provider to add or integrate that at the event too. Including games like a virtual escape room, you can also promote networking opportunities at the event. By including games at the engagement zone, you can also ensure that your attendees are engaged even during breaks. 

#12 Entertainment Breaks

Can you imagine a virtual award show without entertainment breaks dedicated to dance, musicals, and other entertaining performances? No right? So to ensure that your remote attendees have a life-like experience. The virtual award show includes entertainment breaks during the event. You can outsource entertainment to dedicate some time between the sessions to relax, feel entertained, and engaged.

#13 Offer Swag Bags

Send your attendees exciting swag bags to enhance the engagement. You can either send these swag bags before the award show begins. To captivate their attention and entice them to attend the event or after the event to follow up with your remote attendees. 

Bring these excellent engaging virtual award show ideas together and host a matchless & memorable virtual event!

By Travis Mann

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