What is Standard Packaging?

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All products need packaging so that they can be efficiently handed over to the customers. Packaging is very important and it is not possible to give and take stuff without proper packaging. It is essentially the first impression of your product and whether you like it or not, in today’s world, presentation is everything. Now the question arises that which packaging option best suits your product. Should you choose standard packaging or customized packaging? It is a somewhat difficult question to answer considering each product is unique. Studies reveal that 60% of customers who were surveyed stated that gift-like packaging gets them excited regarding their product. This shows that customized packaging Boxes does have a positive impact on the customer, but still not every product needs customized packaging

Let us understand the differences and pros and cons of each so that we are better able to decide which one of the two would be suitable for your particular product.

Standard Packaging also known as stock packaging tends to be pre-made generic packaging that has little to no customization regarding its size, color, shape, or finishing. Standard packaging can be produced in bulk quantities inexpensively. Boxes do not reflect the brand’s unique identification or product specifications. Let us browse some of the primary pros and cons attached with stock packaging

Pros of having Standard Packaging

  1. Easily accessible packaging

Standard or stock packaging is the most readily available packaging. It is easily accessible even on short notice for usage right away. Standard packaging comes as default packaging from warehouses and has a basic and generic look as the name implies. Even if your main preference is custom packaging, it is possible that custom packaging can face shortages and delays. In that case, you can utilize the standard packaging as it’s always an available option.

  1. Getting things done 

If your business is in such a condition that you urgently need to get your product or products to your customer and you have little to no concern regarding its first impression, then standard packaging is the right option for you.

  1. Allows you to try different techniques

You are a start-up with an extremely tight budget and you have not figured out your business properly. With standard packaging, you can try various marketing techniques and find out which one runs the best for your business. It is advisable to run these strategies using standard or stock packaging as it is an economical solution while you are exploring to find out the best strategy for your product, you do not lose money. Mostly, this happens in the initial stage of the business so it is vital to save money when your company is at the pre-revenue stage.

  1. Budget-friendly solution

Standard packaging is not only readily and easily available; it is also the most economical solution for your product. If you are looking for ways to save money, then stock packaging might be your preferred choice. Especially, in the beginning stage of your business, when you are experimenting with your strategies, it would not be advisable to use customized packaging.

  1. Best for delivering product in bulk quantities

If you happen to sell your product in bulk quantity, then you should opt for stock packaging as it would be the optimal solution. When a product is delivered in bulk quantities to one particular client, then it won’t be a wise decision to pay for the packaging of each product separately.

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